How to Avoid Website Downtime That Can Affect Your Search Engine Listings

Written by Nick Nichols

If your web pages are down — even momentarily — it can hurt you several ways. Learn why, and what to do to make sure your pages are visiblerepparttar maximum amount of time.

The Internet has changedrepparttar 105839 way we access information, andrepparttar 105840 way we buy and sell products and services. When it works, which, fortunately, is most ofrepparttar 105841 time, ideas and cash flow from person to person, company to company, and country to country.

But whenrepparttar 105842 inevitable happens and your pages go down, your business, your bank account and your reputation can suffer, especially if you are unaware ofrepparttar 105843 down status of your e-business operations for more than a few minutes. One way this can hurt you is withrepparttar 105844 search engines.

Whether you operate a corporate website, a mom-and-pop or something in between, there’s no question about it. If you want to get traffic viarepparttar 105845 search engines, you have to work at getting and maintaining placement onrepparttar 105846 first page ofrepparttar 105847 current “big four” — Google, Yahoo, MSN and AskJeeves. Depending onrepparttar 105848 keywords you’re trying to get high results for, this can be a time-and-resource intensive process.

Everyone who uses search engine marketing knows that getting and keeping high placement is an ongoing process filled with many unknowns. The rules ofrepparttar 105849 game seem to change without notice, causing frustration, disappointment and even desperation among beginners and veterans alike. Methods that work today may not work tomorrow. Tactics that may be “legal” today may cause problems tomorrow.

It’s as if, despite allrepparttar 105850 research, experimentation and best intentions, there really is no exact formula that can be applied to guarantee results. There is, however, one aspect of search engine marketing that is a known quantity. If your pages are down — even briefly — whenrepparttar 105851 spiders visit, you runrepparttar 105852 risk of losing your place. And unless they come back up immediately, they may be dropped altogether.

For example, Google’s “Information for Webmasters” area says that if your pages cannot be crawled after several attempts due to network or hosting problems, they won’t be listed — meaning they’ll be dropped — and it may take “a few weeks” to for them to show up again. MSN’s guidelines state that if your server is offline or there is another access problem when their spider tries to crawl your site, it may not return “until a later time.” Neither Yahoo nor AskJeeves seems to have guidelines on this issue, but it’s reasonable to assume that they and other search engine spiders operate like Google and MSN.

Another pitfall of web page downtime is wasted pay-per-click advertising dollars. When PPC landing pages go down, your clicks go nowhere and your money is needlessly depleted. Andrepparttar 105853 PPC medium may suspend your ad if your landing page goes down for too long.

Why Is Directory Linkage Important?

Written by Rich Brunelle

Why Is Directory Linkage Important? By: Rich Brunelle

When you look at Site Statistics for your web site, what do you see? Do you see only a Hit and Pages Viewed count? Or, do you see Incoming Linkage, Visiting Robots, and allrepparttar other goodies Stats Reports reveal?

Myself, I could give a rats behind what my ranking is on certain Search Engines, as long as I see that they consistently are spidering my sites. Sooner or laterrepparttar 105838 world is going to revolt against search engines dictating how web sites are constructed, and realizerepparttar 105839 expense created by trying to satisfyrepparttar 105840 search engines is more than most small, medium, and some large business care to continue to pay. Face it, paying for SEO, Adwords, Optimize this and Optimize that while keeping many of us gainfully employed, is also quite expensive.

Regardless ofrepparttar 105841 aforementioned,repparttar 105842 “Ever Efficient WebMaster” continues to struggle againstrepparttar 105843 tide, hoping for those fifteen minutes of “top ten” search engine rankings. And atrepparttar 105844 same time, “Mister Lazy Internet User” has lost out on another good deal because he was too lazy to recognizerepparttar 105845 “Top Rankings” haven’t a damn thing to do with Quality, Service, or Satisfaction.

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