How to Avoid Website Downtime That Can Affect Your Search Engine Listings

Written by Nick Nichols

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Itís a fact that web surfers have limited, if any, patience for ďpage not foundĒ errors. Building credibility and trust onrepparttar Internet is a challenging task. When surfers click to your page, and itís not there, they may conclude that you are out of business. At first exposure to you, if your page is not available they are likely to find a competitor and forget all about you. Yes, you can create a custom 404-error page, but if your entire site is down, that wonít help you much.

Suppose you sell advertising on your site and it goes down. What will your advertisers think if they visit your site and donítí see their ads?

Maybe you have a paid membership site. What will your members think when they try to access your site and itís not there?

Suppose a reporter visits your site and itís down. That could kill a budding story about you, or it could inadvertently cause them to write something negative about you.

Why risk all these problems whenrepparttar 105839 solution is so simple and cost-effective?

The answer is remote website monitoring. For under $20 per month, you can get basic monitoring that will inform you if your site is down so you can take immediate action to fixrepparttar 105840 problem. Depending onrepparttar 105841 complexity of your e-business operation, you can get more sophisticated service features that can monitor not only your pages, but also your database, servers, transactions and can even check for content changes on your pages. If someone hacked into your site and changedrepparttar 105842 content on your home page, wouldnít it be nice to know about it beforerepparttar 105843 rest ofrepparttar 105844 world does?

To check out companies that offer these services, do a search for ďremote website monitoring.Ē Most companies have free trials. The key is to find a company that has flexible service options. Depending onrepparttar 105845 scope of your e-business, you may or may not need certain features that are bundled together. Why pay for what you donít want? Also, bigger may not be better. Look for an established company that is not too big to give you excellent customer service. During your free trial, send a question or two to their tech support and see how fast they respond. This will give you an idea of what youíll get after you pay.

Whatever you do, do it today. You canít afford to not know if your web pages are down.

Nick Nichols directs marketing activities at, a leading provider of website uptime and performance monitoring services. Visit for a free trial and know how your site is doing 24/7.

Why Is Directory Linkage Important?

Written by Rich Brunelle

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*** Okay folks, I have made you wait long enough. Hereísrepparttar part about Search Directories.

Search Directories is notrepparttar 105838 proper term. These Directories search nothing. Searchable Directories or Searchable Databases is what they are. Webmasters submit their sites URL and Keyword data to these databases to be found when someone searches for them. But these Directories play an even more important role. Search Engines also search these Directories. And, a Directory listing is a one way link to your site with Keywords and Description as Content.

These ďOne-WayĒ links to your web site are worth their weight in gold for creatingrepparttar 105839 linkage needed for gettingrepparttar 105840 attention ofrepparttar 105841 Search Engines so desperately sought after. Directories may charge a small fee, but many donít. Many Directories are topic, industry, or other specific. Others are general listing types that anyone can add their data to for free. But all of them play an important role inrepparttar 105842 hierarchy ofrepparttar 105843 Internet.

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