Why would I read about it when I could be doing it instead?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

I spend about 10 hours a day reading and have yet to read a software manual for any ofrepparttar 50 apps I have on my computer. They don't make sense to me and they insist on putting too much stupid stuff in there like disclaimers and marketing hyperbole. What good is that after you've already boughtrepparttar 107891 software?

Personally, I readrepparttar 107892 more sensible "Quick Start" guides and then only skim those to getrepparttar 107893 key points. The way I userepparttar 107894 software is usually different than that envisioned byrepparttar 107895 designers and even other users, so it really only makes sense to look up stuff when troubleshooting.

If I readrepparttar 107896 manual for my digital watch, my cell phone, my two-line digital cordless phone, my PDA, my printer and my ebook, I'd never use them for lack of time. What do I need to know more about my software for if it is serving it's purpose? What I need is for everything to be a hosted app onrepparttar 107897 web and universally accessible wirelessly with built-in voice recognition troubleshooting software.

That way I could just say "Diagnose error" and it would fix itself. I don't care HOW it works, just THAT it work. If it isn't relevant to me, it isn't relevant.

Why do you thinkrepparttar 107898 trend is toward sytsem on a chip (SoC)? Have you ever readrepparttar 107899 owners manual for your car? If you have. Did you learn anything? Did it make you a better driver? No need to read marketing hyperbole or disclaimers, I just want it to work. When it breaks, I don't want to learn why, just fix it please. I won't buy another one of those because it breaks too often.

Say Happy New Year to Those Old Forgotten Programs!

Written by Mike Smith

"May Old Acquaintances Be Removed!"

You are notrepparttar only one that collects and tries programs to see if you will like them, or if they will Magically changerepparttar 107890 way you use your Puter. The New Year isrepparttar 107891 best time I can think of to Clean House. Well, anytime is good but this isrepparttar 107892 best excuse I can think of.

This may be oversimplified but let's bypassrepparttar 107893 tech Speak. A couple of things happen when you install programs. First, they sit on your hard drive taking up space, and they have installed files to your "Registry". Also probably some DLL's (these are little files needed for Windows to makerepparttar 107894 programs run) in your system.ini.

So what is a DLL? Dynamic Link Library file. These go in a Windows initializing file called "system.ini". INI for Initialization File. When Windows starts it looks atrepparttar 107895 "system.ini to see what programs have to be available so they will start when you want to use them.

Windows also readsrepparttar 107896 Registry to see what programs are on your Puter and what it has to do to make them work. OH, Windows also reads your Startup Folder to see what has to start automatically and hide inrepparttar 107897 background. Alsorepparttar 107898 "msconfig" to place all these programs in your "Startup".

There are a lot more things happen but let's just look at these items to see how they effect your system. Yeah, I thoughtrepparttar 107899 same thing. "I never use them and I have plenty of room on my hard drive so why bother removing them?"

Well, as all of this is happening and while you are looking atrepparttar 107900 Windows logo, Windows is secretly loading all of it's mysterious Stuff and your mind is blank, Windows is applying all of this information to "System Resources" and slowing downrepparttar 107901 operation of your Puter. Gosh, those folks at Microsoft are smart. Or is that sneaky? Either way, you don't haverepparttar 107902 foggiest idea of what is hiding behindrepparttar 107903 Windows Startup screen. You just know it is there for a long time with that little blue bar atrepparttar 107904 bottom moving acrossrepparttar 107905 screen.

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