Why would I read about it when I could be doing it instead?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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I think only help-desk personnel, who would rather be hackingrepparttar Pentagon and technical writers are upset that they aren't writing best selling novels. They don't get paid as well for hacking and nobody readsrepparttar 107891 work of technical tomes ofrepparttar 107892 unfulfilled writers. At least they are both being paid to do something.

Inrepparttar 107893 early days of photography only scientists could be photographers because they needed to know how to obtain and mixrepparttar 107894 chemistry, applyrepparttar 107895 emulsion to glass plates, develop those plates and do that entire process again when transferring negative imagerepparttar 107896 to paper. Are we any less well-off now that cameras are disposable and we can see our film in an hour without going into a dark room even once to do it?

My wife is ready to throw away her new $1000 computer because it won't acceptrepparttar 107897 password when logging on torepparttar 107898 ISP. There is a real disconnect betweenrepparttar 107899 problems andrepparttar 107900 source here. That is usuallyrepparttar 107901 case when things get so complex. Reading manuals won't help.

I look forward torepparttar 107902 day whenrepparttar 107903 software designers realize thatrepparttar 107904 users don't care how they created that amazing software and that as long as it will do what they bought it for without fuss, it will be popular and well- liked byrepparttar 107905 buying public. If it takes a day of reading, I'll go buy something that works without study instead.

Is your VCR clock still blinking? If not, I bet you still end up seeingrepparttar 107906 "blue screen of death" as often as I do.

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Say Happy New Year to Those Old Forgotten Programs!

Written by Mike Smith

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Yup, it is using up resources like they had no limit. If you have more Stuff than Resources Windows will just stop! Not to mention that when it does get loaded and your pretty Windows background shows up, a lot of your Resources are already used up. Now you want to run a couple of programs. Nope! Illegal Operation or Critical Error. "CRASH" and "LOCKUP".

Wait! Before you start finding Folders and overworking tour Delete Key, there are some things you need to know. Windows has a program living in your Control Panel called "Add Remove Programs". Ifrepparttar program is listed here and you just deleterepparttar 107890 folder in Explore, allrepparttar 107891 secret files stay on your Puter waiting for you to needrepparttar 107892 program and eating up Resources.

So start here. Click onrepparttar 107893 "Start" button, then "Settings", then double click on "Control Panel". Findrepparttar 107894 program you want to remove and select it then hitrepparttar 107895 Add/Remove button. Followrepparttar 107896 instructions and it will try it's best to get rid ofrepparttar 107897 program. Not always successfully though. You may get a message that "Some files could not be removed". If you are lucky there will be a "Details" button that will give yourepparttar 107898 information about "Leftover Stuff". Write downrepparttar 107899 information and then you get to be a detective and try to find them so you can remove them manually.

After you have removedrepparttar 107900 "Old acquaintances" you should run "Scandisk" and then "Defrag" your hard drive. Removing files and programs will leave holes or spaces all over your drive slowing it down even more. You will be amazed at repparttar 107901 performance change. "May Old acquaintances Be Removed!"

Mike Smith, owner of CM/YMTC, has extensive experience with computers and the Internet. Check out his latest venture, the ELearning Center. http://www.cmymtc.com/elearncntr.htm

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