Why are you throwing your money away?

Written by Marc Goldman

Almost everyday without fail, I come across someone onrepparttar internet who drastically underestimatesrepparttar 127471 value of his already existing assets and who simply does not know how to makerepparttar 127472 most money possible inrepparttar 127473 shortest amount of time.

I have always usedrepparttar 127474 power of Joint Venture marketing to create huge profits and win/win situations for everyone involved. However, in my quest for potential strategic partners, I will always run into someone who has a huge mailing/customer list (one ofrepparttar 127475 best possible sources for profitable joint ventures) who finds it more lucrative to charge me $500.00 to $2,000 to advertise to his list. Whatrepparttar 127476 list owner doesn't realize is that instead of charging some exorbitant price for advertising, sending a powerful, personal endorsement letter to his audience hasrepparttar 127477 potential to bring in $100,000 to $300,000 in just a few short days.

The problem lies inrepparttar 127478 fact that most people have never been introduced torepparttar 127479 profit producing power of Joint Ventures. Done correctly, this form of marketing hasrepparttar 127480 potential to produce obscene profits with little or no overhead forrepparttar 127481 parties involved.

Ezine publishers; website owners who receive large, targeted amounts of traffic; and discussion board owners all have huge audiences who have placed a large amount of trust in them. Instead of asking for what seems to be a lot of money in advertising fees, if they took part in a few high quality strategic partnerships by recommending valuable products and services to their audience they would see their profits skyrocket!

The profitable sound of silence

Written by John Saxon

More sales people talk themselves out of a sale than you could possibly imagine. As a professional sales person I was always in awe ofrepparttar one withrepparttar 127470 'gift ofrepparttar 127471 gab' but I soon learned that they do not usually make a lot of money. So here is a secret that will double your ability to sell (at least)

Good selling is more about good listening than smooth talking, you cannot put water in a full glass.

In other words human beings are all full of thoughts, ideas, problems, smart remarks, things we have to say, or are thinking about saying, and until we 'empty out' a little there is no room for anyone else's thoughts or ideas to exist.

Let your customers talk, allow them space to think and empty out a little - this creates room for your ideas, products and services.

When they stop talking - wait for three seconds before you speak. It will improve your sales immediately. By waiting 3 seconds you allow them to voicerepparttar 127472 real problem,repparttar 127473 real objection, or talk themselves into buying. Try it, it works!

What is your attitude to listening? Have you heard it all before? Don't you wish they would get torepparttar 127474 point? Or are you genuinely interested in what they have to say? Negative attitudes to listening stifle conversations - as a business person you need to become a professional listener. You'll make a lot more sales.

When ever two, or more, human beings are together their attention span is limited. While you have been reading this you may have been away to find out what's for tea, spoken torepparttar 127475 kids, heard them playing inrepparttar 127476 garden, listened torepparttar 127477 TV, wondered what you were going to do atrepparttar 127478 weekend - all without leaving your computer.

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