Why are you throwing your money away?

Written by Marc Goldman

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For example, assume an ezine publisher has 200,000 subscribers and charges $400.00 to advertise to his entire list. Someone selling a $60.00 product approachesrepparttar publisher and offers him 50% ofrepparttar 127471 profits to send a personal recommendation ofrepparttar 127472 product to his list. This product has a proven and tested sales letter that closes 1 out of every 20 targeted visitors (i.e. 1 out of every 20 visitors will buy). Assuming that only 50,000 subscribers visitrepparttar 127473 site and 1 out of every 20 of those subscribers buysrepparttar 127474 product,repparttar 127475 ezine publisher has then made an easy $75,000. A little better than $400.00 wouldn't you say?

This can work for everyone, as long as you have a decent size audience: a subscriber base of 1,000 or more or a website that receives a very high volume of targeted traffic. Naturally, you would only endorse extremely high quality products and services that will benefit your audience. Everyone can share in this powerful and lucrative form of marketing. All it takes is an open mind and a desire to makerepparttar 127476 most money possible inrepparttar 127477 shortest space of time with a minimal amount of effort.

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The profitable sound of silence

Written by John Saxon

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We all do this allrepparttar time. In a sales situation you need to ensure thatrepparttar 127470 customer is there now, imeediately and stays there, both physically and mentally - How do you do this ... by asking a question ...

"Can you tell me, what was it about my advertisement that caught your eye?"

"How can I help, Mr / Mrs Smith?"

"What is it you're looking for"

Then listen!!!

Note thatrepparttar 127471 question you ask should be an open question - that is a question which cannot be answered Yes or No, otherwise you cannot make sure they are there, andrepparttar 127472 conversation becomes a little short.

A closed question is one that can be answered by a Yes or No, such as "Do you like our product range?" and these should be avoided duringrepparttar 127473 sales process, if possible.

There is no need to become paranoid about open and closed questions but, once again, practice makes good (if not perfect)

So, rather than saying "Do you like our products?", how about "What do you think of our products?"

Listening torepparttar 127474 answer to an open question will allow you to identifyrepparttar 127475 customers needs and wants and find out what turns them on (and off).

This is a vital part ofrepparttar 127476 successful sales process - practice it.

Believe it or not, by asking questions and listening I becamerepparttar 127477 No 6 sales person in a team of 300 within 2 months, I was operating in a rural area and earned over 1200 commission in one day ( and that was in 1987)

You cabn become a start salesperson for your business by become a star listener, or - keep talking and losing out on sales that could have been.

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