Who are the so called disabled?

Written by Robin

Who arerepparttar so-called "handicapped" or "disabled" According to stereotypical perceptions they are; People who suffer from tragedy of birth defects. Paraplegic heroes who struggle to become normal again. Victims who fight to overcome their challenges. Categorically, they are called retarded, autistic, blind, deaf, learning disabled, etc., etc., etc.

See Yourself Losing Weight

Written by Mark Idzik

See Yourself Losing Weight Posted by: Mark Idzik

One ofrepparttar most important parts of losing any weight is your own vision... can you see youself atrepparttar 150187 weight you desire?

You literally can't lose weight if you see yourself as overweight, or more importantly, not being able to lose weight... your mind won't let you. This is one reason so many struggle with weight loss... and keeping it off. It's called physcological reversal. You say you want something, but your inner mind says justrepparttar 150188 opposite. You say you want to lose weight, but your mind says "it's too hard", "I can't do that", "never been able to do it, why now" or any other belief you've let settle inrepparttar 150189 past. These beliefs in one way or another you've accepted inrepparttar 150190 past. You see, your subsconcious mind accepts anything you pass to it. It doesn't judge, analyze, reason, filter... nothing, it just accepts. If you've accepted inrepparttar 150191 past that it's too difficult to lose weight (for any reason), then almost any attempt to lose weight will fail unless you replace that negative belief.

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