Who are the so called disabled?

Written by Robin

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Who are they, really?

Well, they are in fact, Mums and Dads.... Sons and Daughters... Employees and Employers Friends and Neighbours...Students and Teachers... Leaders and Followers Scientists, Doctors, Actors, Presidents, and More They are people But They are people, first. www.blue-badge.co.uk

Disability awareness trainer and access auditor

See Yourself Losing Weight

Written by Mark Idzik

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Once you replace any old beliefs about weight loss, you can "picture" yourself at your ideal weight. And now, thanks to high tech, you can even do it right on your computer! Just visit www.fitfoto.com and you can see your before and after pictures in almost real time! Brilliant idea. Just upload a current picture of yourself andrepparttar www.fitfoto.com software will create a picture of what you you'll look like at your ideal weight (or a close resemblence). And byrepparttar 150187 way, it's free.

Keeprepparttar 150188 photo in a place where you can see it often and imagine yourself and how good you feel,repparttar 150189 things you'll be doing and allrepparttar 150190 good feelings associated with your "new you".

You CAN do it!

Mark Idzik is a Natural Health and Weight Loss Coach that helps individual clients make better health choices and businesses reduce their health care costs. Get his free 37 Tips to Guaranteed Weight Loss by visiting: Everyday-Weight-Loss.com

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