What Do Your Web "Stats" Mean?

Written by Sherry Holub

Your web hosting provider should offer you "Usage Statistics" or "Web Stats" with your account. These statistics are an invaluable resource when it comes to gauging if all of your marketing efforts are paying off in visitors to your website. A good statistics program will offer yourepparttar following information:

* Number of unique user sessions - This is s a measurement of one person's time and activity on your site andrepparttar 105971 most accurate way to gauge how many times your site has been visited. * User sessions per day - This isrepparttar 105972 daily measurement of how many unique visitors came to your site, what time of day they were coming most, etc. * Average amount of time spent on site per user - This enables you to tell how effective your site is at holding a visitors attention span. * Number of page views, broken down by page - Page views are how many times a page is loaded and presented to a viewer. The same viewer can viewrepparttar 105973 same page multiple times, so this is not as accurate asrepparttar 105974 unique user sessions number. * Most popular pages - This is helpful in determining which pages your visitors viewrepparttar 105975 most. * Top paths through site - This is a virtual "map" of which pages your visitors will view in their session. * Top Entrance page - Surprisingly, this is not always your home page! By checking this statistic, you can tell if certain pages seem to have more interest or external links to them than others.

Are you thinking of republishing RSS feeds?

Written by Allan Burns

There is lively debate aboutrepparttar republishing of RSS feeds on other sites. The argument surroundsrepparttar 105970 use of RSS feeds fromrepparttar 105971 feed publisher being used in an unfair manner. This includes republishingrepparttar 105972 entire articles and not displaying sufficient credit torepparttar 105973 original source.

Before we go intorepparttar 105974 details you may want to brush up on your understanding of RSS. This will help you fully appreciate and fully understandrepparttar 105975 issues involved.

I am glad this conversation is happening now as it needs to be made clear what fair use of RSS feeds actually means. There may be webmasters who are republishing RSS feeds in all innocence atrepparttar 105976 moment not realisingrepparttar 105977 furore that is going on around them with regards to their republishing activities. I would like to help clear up any misunderstandings that surround RSS republishing.

Being an RSS publisher myself who is considering republishing other authors RSS feeds I would like to make sure I am not treading on any toes. I am basingrepparttar 105978 following RSS republishing etiquette onrepparttar 105979 good practice that Rok Hrastnik has enthused.

If you wish to republish an RSS feed then you should first consultrepparttar 105980 publisher with your intentions. This would be an email torepparttar 105981 author stating how you wish to reuse their feed andrepparttar 105982 page or pagesrepparttar 105983 feed will be republished on andrepparttar 105984 attributions you will make. You will need to clarify some points. Ifrepparttar 105985 authors feed contains ads then will they be republished? Will you be monetizingrepparttar 105986 authors work by placing ads on your republished page? To avoid conflict these issues need to be sorted out.

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