What Do Your Web "Stats" Mean?

Written by Sherry Holub

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* Top Exit page - It is also helpful to know whatrepparttar most popular pages are when a visitor decides to end their session. * Top referring urls - This is quite helpful to see which websites are driving traffic to your websiterepparttar 105971 most. * Most popular keywords/key phrases - Another great resource is learning which keywords visitors are using to find your site. * Month to month stats - Statistics are usually logged byrepparttar 105972 month, so that you can compare your traffic from one month torepparttar 105973 next.

But What About "Hits"?

"Hits" is a very confusing term used to describe how many times a web page, or an item on a web page has been returned forrepparttar 105974 user. For instance, your home page has 10 images on it that make uprepparttar 105975 graphics onrepparttar 105976 page. A visitor comes in and simply by looking at your home page, a statistics program can log 11 hits (1 for each image returned and 1 forrepparttar 105977 page itself). It is for this reason that your page "hits" can be a very misleading number. The most accurate representation of how popular your website is will always be "unique users" or "unique visits".

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Are you thinking of republishing RSS feeds?

Written by Allan Burns

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The general guidelines Rok Hrastrnik has provided state thatrepparttar article title must link back torepparttar 105970 original article. Ifrepparttar 105971 RSS feeds contains a complete article only an excerpt, Rok suggests 100 to 200 words, can be republished. A link should be provided torepparttar 105972 article source,repparttar 105973 website ofrepparttar 105974 original publisher.

Further to this it is suggested that no archives are kept onrepparttar 105975 republished site and no full articles are used. I would suggest permission is sought fromrepparttar 105976 original author if you wish to keep an archive on your site.

You can follow this discussion further at PR meetsrepparttar 105977 WWW and Micro persuasion.

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