Viral Marketing, The Youthful Power of Promotion

Written by Barrett Niehus

Viral Marketing, The Youthful Power of Promotion

By Barrett Niehus

A novel idea that has been successfully used offline is now becoming more and more prevalent to promote web sites and online resources. It is used to quickly generate notoriety, and for some web sites, isrepparttar key to phenomenal growth. The idea is simple, employ young people to become product promotions representatives. Before you balk atrepparttar 101101 idea, remember back to your youth. What type of T-shirts did you wear? How aboutrepparttar 101102 stickers that decorated your notebook and locker? Stickers, logos, and shirts are a very effective promotional tool, and in certain instances become a fashion necessity for young people. These tools can be used effectively to brand your web site, and attract thousands of off-line visitors.

To give you an example ofrepparttar 101103 strategy, consider Upon arriving at this site, you will first be asked if you would like to become a product representative. The representative kit costs approximately $24.00, and consists of a T-shirt and a variety of stickers. You can also purchase banners, car stickers, and various decals depending on your level of interest. Visitors purchaserepparttar 101104 kits because ofrepparttar 101105 attractive logo andrepparttar 101106 rebellious nature ofrepparttar 101107 site name. However, all of these rep kits are promotional tools that further marketrepparttar 101108 web page torepparttar 101109 world, and they generate massive amounts of traffic.

Create Your Own Sell Them Hard Sales Letter

Written by Eduardo Queiroz

Don't fool yourself. You can write a sales letter that demands people hand over their money simply by learningrepparttar secrets ofrepparttar 101100 pros.

Following is a simple plan that if you follow, can make your sales letters hook visitors and lead them downrepparttar 101101 road to whichever destination you want.

To start, write a headline that hooksrepparttar 101102 visitor. If you're creating a website sales letter, this should be in bold print andrepparttar 101103 first thing your visitor sees.

If you're creating a sales letter for an e-mail ad, then your subject line will berepparttar 101104 hook that grabs them and makes them openrepparttar 101105 e-mail to read more.

Point blank, your headline needs to make a promise. Write your headline withrepparttar 101106 guarantee that ifrepparttar 101107 reader invests repparttar 101108 time then they'll be rewarded with finding out howrepparttar 101109 promise will work for them.

Second, you want to leadrepparttar 101110 reader further into your sales letter by expanding onrepparttar 101111 subject of your headline. Your first paragraph in your sales letter's body needs to further entrancerepparttar 101112 reader by giving details of your promise, and outlining exactly how it's going to benefit them. So, I might write something like this:

"Inrepparttar 101113 next few minutes you'll discover how to gain instant access to my member's only area. Inside, you'll have instant access to fresh, up to date content, e-books, forums, and one on one consultation with marketing experts that can literally shoot your business into profit making overdrive!"

After leading them in,repparttar 101114 body of your copy should continue on with benefit after benefit directed towardsrepparttar 101115 reader and how it's going to help them solve a problem.

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