The Right Writer: How To Choose Your Next Freelancer

Written by Dr. Barry W. Morris

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So you’ve decided to outsource your next communications project! Great! By doing so, it allows you to devote more time and energy to doing what you do best: managing other projects and employees and getting more value for your marketing dollars.

However, you’ll soon discover that now you’re confronted with an even larger task than writing it yourself: findingrepparttar 150394 ‘right’ writer forrepparttar 150395 job.

Hiring a writer is sometimes a Catch-22 situation. At times, quality writers seem to grow on trees, but when you need one in a hurry to meet a rapidly approaching deadline, it can be difficult finding one who understands your business, your deadline, and your audience.

While findingrepparttar 150396 “Right Writer” can still be a tricky business, we’ve developedrepparttar 150397 four following guidelines that will enable you to locate and hirerepparttar 150398 most deserving candidate for your project!

Guideline One Look for a Writer with an Establish Web Presence

With technology becoming ever more affordable and user-friendly, designing and maintaining a web presence is becoming easier and almost commonplace. A writer with her own registered domain name is making a more serious statement than her counterpart whose material is hosted on a free AOL or Yahoo homepage.

Look forrepparttar 150399 most qualified writers to craft a personally branded presence that includedrepparttar 150400 following: •Sample of selected projects •A biography or resume •Listing of services and areas of expertise

Guideline Two Look for an Effective Writing Ability

What’s an effective writing ability? Think of it as a writer who can easily adapt and rapidly get up to speed in your business area. Many business writing projects are better handled by writers that have a broad range of business writing experience. The decision to assignrepparttar 150401 task to an in-house employee who is familiar withrepparttar 150402 project is almost always a mistake.

Why? The first reason is thatrepparttar 150403 person chosen for their familiarity is too close torepparttar 150404 project. Writing requires an objectivity that writers possess as an innate ability.

A product engineer who knowsrepparttar 150405 product inside and out will rarely possessrepparttar 150406 skills of a professional writer.

How do know if your writer hasrepparttar 150407 right mix of effective writing ability and project or topic distance? Return to their web site and look again at their samples askingrepparttar 150408 following questions:

Start Up a Nude Photography Business

Written by Roy Barker

Copyright 2005 Roy Barker

There are major obstacles to overcome to get into nude photography, not least of which isrepparttar need to practise technique. By its very nature there has to be at least one subject, andrepparttar 150334 big problem forrepparttar 150335 photographer here is image. To somerepparttar 150336 image of nude photographer is tied in withrepparttar 150337 “dirty Macintosh” brigade, withrepparttar 150338 false wig and dark glasses.

Not everyone believesrepparttar 150339 adage that an erotic photograph, does not have to be nude, and a nude photograph is not necessarily erotic. The biggest challenge is to find a suitable model, and certainly in small town rural backwater areas, it is notrepparttar 150340 brightest propaganda move to put an advertisement inrepparttar 150341 Post Office window. It is also suspect to approach someone inrepparttar 150342 street.

Impeccable credentials help here, an image of a bona fide photographer, with a studio, and a business card with a portfolio. A professionally created business card also helps; a ripped off part of an old envelope invites suspicion. It is not necessary to have a portfolio of nudes, but it is essential as an aid of creatingrepparttar 150343 feeling of trust. It can be very helpful to not tell a prospective model what you do, but show them, and depending on their responses take it from there.

A lot of nude photographers start with a self portrait an this is better than nothing in some cases. There are several other methods that can be used to find people to model. Your first option is to hire professional (glamour) models. That can be expensive, and they're not often familiar with that type of work. The second option is to hire amateur models, or perhaps even nude still life models,repparttar 150344 problem here is thatrepparttar 150345 latter will have no inhibitions taking their clothes off, and may be able to sit still and hold a specific pose for long periods of time, however they may not berepparttar 150346 best models to animate themselves. The third option is not to pay a model at all, but find someone with a vested interest in making a portfolio work. Whilst thinking about this matter duringrepparttar 150347 research for this article it occurred to me, thatrepparttar 150348 ideal person, would be someone who would be prepared to model in exchange for a portfolio, or other photographic service. In other words, a model who has a reason to makerepparttar 150349 session work will undoubtedly put more effort into overcoming any technical difficulties. Perhaps you know someone who is pregnant who might want to model in exchange forrepparttar 150350 photos.

Secondly that type of model will produce better results, than some eighteen year olds with a perfect body and a bad attitude. A personal model with enthusiasm to explore different perspectives and techniques has to produce better results than a wooden, but perfect doll. It does not alterrepparttar 150351 fact that your model must be at peace withrepparttar 150352 thought of nude modelling as a whole, but a sensitive relationship withrepparttar 150353 photographer will work wonders here. The rules are no different for a photographer here than a portrait photographer, he or she must first have self confidence. If you cannot get that across to your model he or she will be reluctant to give it their best shot.

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