The Right Writer: How To Choose Your Next Freelancer

Written by Dr. Barry W. Morris

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•Doesrepparttar writer’s past experience place them too close torepparttar 150392 details ofrepparttar 150393 work? •Dorepparttar 150394 samples posted online effectively communicate a clear message? •Isrepparttar 150395 web site copy sellingrepparttar 150396 writer’s ability and skills effectively? •Is there a diversity of industry experience inrepparttar 150397 projects posted?

Guideline Three Look for Creativity

Selecting a writer with a creative mind is essential torepparttar 150398 success of any writing project. A creative writer is a creative thinker.

Unless you haverepparttar 150399 time and inclination to micromanage each stage ofrepparttar 150400 writing process, you’ll want a professional who will askrepparttar 150401 appropriate questions inrepparttar 150402 beginning get straight to work without repparttar 150403 need for constant supervision.

Such writers are in good supply. How do you find them? Again, return torepparttar 150404 all-important web site.

This time examinerepparttar 150405 site for appropriate use of:

•Proper and orderly layout •Appropriate use of color •Overall presentation of information •And above all, creative copy.

Chances are good that if a writer has difficulty with any of these on her own site, she’s notrepparttar 150406 writer you’re looking to hire.

Guideline Four The Life/Experience Quotient

This is a non-mathematical phrase we coined to describerepparttar 150407 collective feel one gets in evaluating writers for assignment. It involves several criteria:

•Educational accomplishments •Career accomplishments outside of writing •Industry diversity in their writing career •References from past employers / clients

Once you get a feel forrepparttar 150408 type of work a writer has completed, you’ll be in a more favorable position to selectrepparttar 150409 appropriate candidate.

If you feel that a particular writer is well-balanced on terms of life / work experience, exposure to industry diversity, and presents herself well online and in person, then you’ve foundrepparttar 150410 “Right Writer.”


Selectingrepparttar 150411 best freelance commercial writer for your writing project depends on many factors. Some of these includerepparttar 150412 type of project, deadline issues, budget constraints, client expectations, etc.

Once you’ve narrowedrepparttar 150413 list of candidates down to an acceptable number, look forrepparttar 150414 writer with an effective web presence as well as one who presents himself well in person and in print.

Select a writer who is a creative thinker and is able to translate this into a fresh perspective for your piece. Finally, select a professional whom your feel is in possession ofrepparttar 150415 right mix of life / work experiences that will bringrepparttar 150416 proper tone to your project.

Using these four guidelines, I feel confident that you’ll have no difficulty findingrepparttar 150417 “Right Writer” for your next project.

-----RESOURCE BOX----------- Barry W. Morris is a Freelance Commercial Writer based in San Jose, California, USA. He works primarily with independent business owners who are frustrated with how long it takes to get their business writing projects out-the-door. His site is

Barry W. Morris is a Freelance Commercial Writer based in San Jose, California, USA. He works primarily with independent business owners who are frustrated with how long it takes to get their business writing projects out-the-door. His site is

Start Up a Nude Photography Business

Written by Roy Barker

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This type of photography is striving for a look that is natural, and even has a look that it has not been posed for at all. Comfort is essential not just physical comfort though that is important, but mental comfort,repparttar model must be able to understandrepparttar 150334 concept behind what you are trying to do so that she can co-operate. You have to takerepparttar 150335 time to explainrepparttar 150336 techniques of flattering compositions, but equallyrepparttar 150337 model has to work on being fluid and graceful in these motions.

A good relationship with your model built on confidence is essential when you come to evaluate and criticiserepparttar 150338 work. Your first session will createrepparttar 150339 tone for future work, but that is when a model will be her most nervous, a way of getting over this barrier might be to ask her to come accompanied, and that may make for a lighter more relaxed session.

Working withrepparttar 150340 same model over a number of sessions builds up a rapport, and helpsrepparttar 150341 model learn what works inrepparttar 150342 images, and what doesn't. She has to be able to seerepparttar 150343 completed image, before this is really possible. Asrepparttar 150344 model becomes more familiar with how you work and experiencesrepparttar 150345 crucial processes of making an image,repparttar 150346 model becomes better at generating poses which work for you, and onrepparttar 150347 whole,repparttar 150348 number of successful images increases.

The locations for this type of photography is not important in terms ofrepparttar 150349 finished image, but it needs to be a little circumspect, or you have to take along a person who watches for stray wanderers if it is outdoors. Lighting normally seems to be better if it is natural, but a single candle can be effective particularly withrepparttar 150350 use of an older model.

It is important to think ahead before this type of assignment and instruct a model to wear lose clothing and possibly no underwear as strap marks intorepparttar 150351 skin can take a long time to subside and will ruinrepparttar 150352 final shots.

Once you have managed to break into this type of work there are many stock libraries that specialise in this type of work.

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