The Background-Table Combo

Written by Candice Pardue

Ever wondered how some websites seem to have multiple "layers" of designs?

Although some use frames and other design techniques to accomplish this look, I'm going to show you a simple way to createrepparttar look withoutrepparttar 134807 "headaches" of complicated design techniques.

You'll be glad to hear that you can create a dimensional look for your website using only two simple tools.

1. Background Images 2. Tables

Go here to view a sample web page before we begin:

How to Insert a Background Image:

When you open up a blank page in Composer, html, or any other design program, it's wise to insert your background image first - before beginning your design work.

This allows you to layrepparttar 134808 foundation forrepparttar 134809 web page fromrepparttar 134810 start, and eliminates confusion as well.

A background image can be insertedrepparttar 134811 same as any other graphic image.

In Netscape Composer, you would open a "blank" web page, click on "Insert" and then "Image".

On your image screen, you'll see a section nearrepparttar 134812 top labeled "Choose File". Here you'll selectrepparttar 134813 background image from your hard drive that you would like to use. It will probably be a ".gif" file such as bg001.gif or bg002.gif. Whatever you namedrepparttar 134814 background image on your hard drive, you'll find it, and insert it here.

Next, checkrepparttar 134815 box where it says "Use as Background". This will causerepparttar 134816 image you have selected to becomerepparttar 134817 background for your entire web page. Click "Apply" or "Okay", and your page's background should now berepparttar 134818 image you've selected.

Where Can You Get Background Images?

The background image on my sample page was free from

How to Insert a Vertical Divider Line into Your Web

Written by Candice Pardue

Unlike creating a horizontal vertical line by inserting an
tag, a simple html code is not available to insert a vertical divider line into your web page.

However, there are two simple ways to insert a vertical divider line...

1. Create a "Graphic" Vertical Divider Line

You may insert a graphic image (.gif) as your divider line and align it next to your paragraph. Although you'll be forced to use this method if you need a divider line that has an odd shape or color, this is notrepparttar most efficient method.

By using a graphic as a divider line, you'll riskrepparttar 134806 graphic line not being lined up correctly when others view your web pages. Also, it could slow loading time for your web page.

This method should only be used if necessary.

2. Create a "Thin" Table to Divide Your Columns

If you simply want a line to divide your web page sections,repparttar 134807 best way to do so is using a table.

Simply create a table between your sections (you may have three columns withrepparttar 134808 middle column becomingrepparttar 134809 divider line.)

You can makerepparttar 134810 column as small as "1 pixel or percent of table" wide, or larger if needed.

Also, you can select different colors for this table to match your web page colors.

This is an easy way to create a divider line, and will not hinder visitors and page loading time.

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