The Background-Table Combo

Written by Candice Pardue

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You can visit their website for a huge selection of free backgrounds available that you can use on your website.

You will saverepparttar background image to your hard driverepparttar 134807 same as you would any normal graphic image or clip art. Simply hold your mouse overrepparttar 134808 background image you would like to use, right-click your mouse, and click on "Save Background As". A screen will pop up for you to saverepparttar 134809 image to your hard drive. You can namerepparttar 134810 image whatever you would like with .gif beingrepparttar 134811 suffix.

Such as: mybackgroundimage.gif

Inserting Tables

Once your background image is in place, you may begin designing with tables.

Onrepparttar 134812 sample web page you viewed earlier, I inserted one table that was 730 Pixels in width first. I chose a color for my table that was complimentary torepparttar 134813 background, and then began typing.

Next, I created a second table withinrepparttar 134814 first table, and gave it two columns or "cells". I resizedrepparttar 134815 column or "cell" onrepparttar 134816 right to be only 20% ofrepparttar 134817 entire table width. This creates a sidebar navigation section onrepparttar 134818 right. I also colored this table white to distinguish it fromrepparttar 134819 rest ofrepparttar 134820 web page.

Please remember to insert your background image before beginning your design with tables. Some designers place a background image, and then begin their writing without tables. But, I recommend using tables forrepparttar 134821 simple fact that it helps you to organize your web pages and keeps everything in it's rightful place on your page when others are viewing it.

I hope you'll be able to accomplish many new looks with these simple little tips.

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How to Insert a Vertical Divider Line into Your Web

Written by Candice Pardue

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Followrepparttar link below to view a sample web page using a table asrepparttar 134806 vertical divider line...

This page was created using Netscape Composer, andrepparttar 134807 steps taken were as follows:

1. Create a three-column table that is 600 pixels in width.

2. Sizes are as follows: Far left column size (18 % of table), middle column (1 % of table), far right column size (81 % of table).

3. Changedrepparttar 134808 color ofrepparttar 134809 middle column to match my text links (navy blue).

4. Insertedrepparttar 134810 number "0" intorepparttar 134811 divider column and maderepparttar 134812 number "0"repparttar 134813 same color asrepparttar 134814 column (navy blue). The reason I did this is because Netscape Composer web pages will not show a table or column of a table unless it has text within it. Don't know why, but it's so. I insertrepparttar 134815 number "0" so thatrepparttar 134816 divider column will show, butrepparttar 134817 visitor does not see this number because I've made itrepparttar 134818 same color asrepparttar 134819 column - it's hidden.

Take these four steps in Netscape Composer to create a vertical divider line that's neat and easily viewed by your visitors.

You can get very creative with tables!

Candice Pardue, editor of Web Design Weekly. Affordable web design services now available. Go here for details and a FREE web design quote...

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