Special Dark FUDGE truffles

Written by Sumbaz

SPECIAL DARK FUDGE TRUFFLES     •2 cups (12-oz. pkg.) HERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK Chocolate Chips •3/4 cup whipping cream •Various coatings such as toasted chopped pecans, coconut, powdered sugar, cocoa or small candy pieces   1. Combine chocolate chips and cream in medium microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at HIGH (100%)

Mythology info (E-W)

Written by Sumbaz

Mythology info (E-W): ****THE KAPPA****

Whatrepparttar heck is a Kappa you say? Well I'll tell you, they are Japanese water demons! Kappas are amphibious water spirits that are covered in yellow green scales, have webbed feet, a face of a monkey, andrepparttar 146568 back of a tortoise, butrepparttar 146569 feature that makesrepparttar 146570 kappa a kappa is it's bowl like depression onrepparttar 146571 top of it's head which must always be full of water to maintain its supernatural powers and super strength on land. Now Kappas may live in bodies of water but that doesn't mean a kappa won't come up on land for a snack! Kappas eat humans and animals, they really love to eat human liver. The way they eat their food is sort of gross... so that's why I'll tell you in great detail how they do it ^,^ The kappa eatsrepparttar 146572 insides first, thenrepparttar 146573 kappa gets a bit thirsty so thenrepparttar 146574 kappa drinksrepparttar 146575 blood. Kappas where blamed when ever mutilated bodies were found near masses of water. Kappas where known to be very malicious (not to friendly), but they weren't dumb animals though. Kappas where very smart wise spirits! Mankind is said to have learnedrepparttar 146576 trade of mending broken bones from a Kappa in return for his own arm that had been taken from him by a human! Now here are ways that where said to berepparttar 146577 best ways to defeat a kappa: Bow to it, kappas being proper creatures will bow back to you spillingrepparttar 146578 water from its head, this will forcerepparttar 146579 kappa to return to its watery home. Another way was by carving names (or your name) into a cucumber and throwing it intorepparttar 146580 water, now cucumbers arerepparttar 146581 Kappas favorite food and by eatingrepparttar 146582 cucumbersrepparttar 146583 kappas will not eatrepparttar 146584 people whose names are onrepparttar 146585 cucumbers. This legendary association between Kappas and cucumbers has become such a part of Japan's culture that sushi stuffed with cucumber is called "Kappa maki". **AMULETS** Amulet: A charm worn against evil or injury. There has been amulet use sincerepparttar 146586 don of time. Egyptians would userepparttar 146587 Eye of Horris to ward of sickness, and any kind of hex. Amulets where used inrepparttar 146588 dark ages commonly, even in gambling. Amulets could even be used to help luck, and they would even be used while gambling, thinkingrepparttar 146589 amulet would berepparttar 146590 key to their wining. Their were amulets that were said to stop fires just by throwing them into it, even though most of those kind of amulets were made of wood (odd) also a newt was thought able to put our fires if thrown into a flame (poor newt). Amulets would be carved onto doors and onto walls, so that they might ward off evil from being there. ***Werewolves***

A werewolf is a human that can change into a wolf usually on a full moon. Werewolves eat humans and livestock. You can become a werewolf unwillingly by having it in your genes, by a curse, or by a bite by another werewolf. You could also willingly become a werewolf by using special ointments like sorcerers did in many stories. Either way, if you become a werewolf it is said in folklore that you must never let even a single drop of human blood touch your lips or you’ll never be able to break your werewolf curse, you’ll be a werewolf forever. The only way to reverserepparttar 146591 curse ofrepparttar 146592 werewolf is to killrepparttar 146593 original werewolf that startedrepparttar 146594 chain of werewolves that lead down to your curse. Werewolves are commonly men, but there are also a few women werewolves as well. Stories of werewolves have been around since antiquity! In Greek mythology a tyrant named Lycaon angered Zeus by feeding himrepparttar 146595 flesh of a child. Zeus punished him by turning him into a wolf man. Lycaon is whererepparttar 146596 word lycaonthrope comes from another name for werewolf. Werewolves were believed to exist for many centuries. Inrepparttar 146597 middle ages werewolves weren't always seen as bad in their stories, some were seen asrepparttar 146598 hero or comical figure. Werewolves were seen as really evil things to fear byrepparttar 146599 16th century. Many people were killed because people claimed they were werewolves, most werewolves were believed to be witches or wizards inrepparttar 146600 forms of werewolves, most accused victims were forced against there will, (under torture) to confess to being werewolves (horrible!!). Finallyrepparttar 146601 werewolf uproars stopped byrepparttar 146602 end ofrepparttar 146603 16th century. Werewolf often looked just like common wolves, but were bigger and had no tail. People who become werewolves usually have slanting eye brows, hairy harms and are tall. The ointment said to be used by witches or wizards that changed them into werewolves, was made out of belladonna root, deadly nightshade, bat's blood, cinquefoil, henbane, soot and other odd things, they would would have to brew it in a cauldron under moon light, and speak a spell while standingrepparttar 146604 a circle drawn inrepparttar 146605 sand. I find werewolves cute, and there are a lot of different legends and stories about them, you should read some of them. ***!Unicorns & Narwalls?***

Unicorns were first mentioned more than two thousand years ago by Greek physician Ctesias. Ever since then people went nuts for unicorn in stories, they were put in art and...they were hunted for their horns, which were said to protect you against diseases and if made into a cup it would protect you from any poison that might of been slipped into your drink (Wow! I want one of those ^,^). Well unlikerepparttar 146606 sweet innocent unicorns we know today, they were first believed to be nasty, ready to charge creatures, andrepparttar 146607 way they looked was different as well. Ctesias describes : "The unicorn was native to India,repparttar 146608 size of a donkey, with a burgundy head & white body, it had blue eyes, a single horn that was bright red atrepparttar 146609 top, black inrepparttar 146610 middle, and white atrepparttar 146611 bottom,repparttar 146612 horn was also 18 inches long." Well laterrepparttar 146613 unicorn was described by Julius Caesar as: "It had a deer's head, elephant's feet, a 3 foot long horn, and a boars tail." Unicorns were also said to have deep bellowing voices. Unicorns were getting very popular. It wasn't tillrepparttar 146614 Middle Ages whenrepparttar 146615 unicorn tookrepparttar 146616 form ofrepparttar 146617 pure beautiful creature we think of now, a single dip of a unicorns spiraling white horn into any water would makerepparttar 146618 water pure as fresh rain. It was believed that if an innocent maiden sat underneath a tree, thatrepparttar 146619 unicorn with its love for all things innocent and pure would lay it's head inrepparttar 146620 maidens lap and fall asleep. Humans would use this idea to try to capture unicorns for their horns. Unicorn horns were sold allrepparttar 146621 time for 25,000 to 45,000 dollars (wow!), but it was found out thatrepparttar 146622 horns were acutely Narwall horns which are whales that have large horn like tusks and swim in cold waters. Inrepparttar 146623 18th century unicorn hunting stopped, for no one had ever seen a unicorn with their own eyes or ever captured a unicorn. Also their is one mention of a unicorn like creature inrepparttar 146624 Bible "one horned creature"...the mystery ofrepparttar 146625 unicorn will always insprire people. ***Witches, andrepparttar 146626 Witch persecution***

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