Special Dark FUDGE truffles

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1 minute; stir. If necessary, microwave an additional 15 seconds at a time, stirring after each heating, until chips are melted and mixture is smooth when stirred. 2. Refrigerate 3 hours or until firm. Roll mixture into 1-inch balls. Roll each ball in coating. Cover; store in refrigerator. About 3 dozen truffles.


Mythology info (E-W)

Written by Sumbaz

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Witches have been known through out many countries and are in many famous novels and stories. Greece and Roman stories are full with tails of witches who spent their time making potions out of gross animal parts, they were believed to go to grave yards and dig up bones or gather poisonous plants, and worshiping Artimis/Dianarepparttar goddess ofrepparttar 146568 moon, hunting, and chastity. Many witches did take oaths of chastity for it was part of their religion. Witches were also believed to haverepparttar 146569 power ofrepparttar 146570 "evil eye" where a witch could kill you with a mere glance, also witches hadrepparttar 146571 powers to raise spirits fromrepparttar 146572 grave. Witches from Greece and Thessaly were believed to haverepparttar 146573 skill of bringingrepparttar 146574 moon to earth to use its powers. Women that made herbal medicines, and amulets to ward of evil were also called witches. Inrepparttar 146575 Dark ages witches were believed to have certain pets; owls, toads, and cats these pets were calledrepparttar 146576 witches familiars and she treated them with great tenderness, like family. The witch’s cat was really a demon in a cat form and would dorepparttar 146577 witches dirty work for here. In fact people back inrepparttar 146578 Dark ages would take their cat out ofrepparttar 146579 room if they were discussing things of importance in fearrepparttar 146580 cat would tell a witch. The same goes for toads and owls. If a toad was wearing clothes, and had a bell tied to its foot it was a witch's toad. Inrepparttar 146581 Middle ages, Dark ages, and even intorepparttar 146582 colonial ages, witch's were greatly feared and thousands of innocent people were killed, not just women but men as well. You could be killed for being a witch for almost any reason, like: If you wore a wig, if you wore make up, if you had a back stabbing friend who said you were a witch just so they could watch you die, if any one of a higher class said you were a witch, if some one didn't like you, if you had a cat that someone thought looked evil, and I could go on...The way they tested if you were a witch was well... stupid! One way was that they tied you to a long rope and threw you into a river if you sank you were guilty if you drowned well you drowned, if you floated you were not guilty, butrepparttar 146583 thing is they could controlrepparttar 146584 rope to have you sink or not. They had a paper called "Mallevs Maleficaruvm, Hammer of Witches" that told you how to identify a witch from a non witch. For a while that book was only second torepparttar 146585 Bible,repparttar 146586 Mallevs Maleficaruvm helped kill thousands of innocents. Even prophets that were greatly admired were condemned of being a witch such asrepparttar 146587 story, Joan of Ark, which is a story that took place in Renaissance France. Find out more aboutrepparttar 146588 darkages, click here Read about Joan of Ark, click HERE


Cute lil' magical fairies and elves deadly? Don't look at me like that, you'll find out what I mean soon ^,^. Elves, leprechauns, and pixies (yes there is a difference between pixies and fairies) are all in a group called "Fairies". Fairies are also called "wee folk", "little people", andrepparttar 146589 "Good neighbors". Fairies are immortal supernatural creatures that are rarely seen by humans. Now there are many forms that elves or "fairies" are known for, most know them in their British form; very small human looking beings, somtimes having wings on their backs. But like in Scandinavian folklore, elves are seen as tall majestic beings...here's their info: They were said to have been born fromrepparttar 146590 earth and were mages(users of magic) they were skilled atrepparttar 146591 bow and arrow; they were also slightly taller than humans, (around 6 feet tall); elves wererepparttar 146592 point of ultimate beauty. Their were two types of elves inrepparttar 146593 Scandinavian folklore; Svarthulfur (dark elves) which had black hair, and black eyes, and some even had black skin. There were alsorepparttar 146594 Liosalfar (light elves) which looked much likerepparttar 146595 Scandinavians do: blond hair blue eyes. Now you'll find out what I meant by “The deadly fairies & elves!!” ^,^ inrepparttar 146596 early dark ages, if their was a problem it was blamed on fairies. Examples: Rashes were marks left byrepparttar 146597 many pinching fingers of angry invisible fairies; Snarls inrepparttar 146598 hair were caused by fairies making impossible fairy knots in your hair at night; Heart attacks were caused by being shot by an invisible elf arrow;..... ok ok I could go on forever so I'll stop there! Yeah fairies had bad reps back then. Another deadly fairy would have to berepparttar 146599 Scottish red cap (From Scottish folklore), well red caps are ugly fairies that looked like this: long gray hair, red eyes, and bared teeth! The red cap “obviously” has a red cap which is kept red by its victims blood!! Red caps live in old castles where bloody battles have been, and anyone foolish enough to wonder in one of these ruins, will be stuck byrepparttar 146600 spear on top ofrepparttar 146601 red cap’s staff, but legend has it, that if you read aloud fromrepparttar 146602 Bible before you enter,repparttar 146603 redcap will scream, leaving behind an ugly tooth (how nice). -Now old folklore( started from aroundrepparttar 146604 (dark ages tillrepparttar 146605 victorians time) has it that if you wanted a fairy (brownie) to help you clean (which some fairies liked to do) you would have to keep your hearth clean sorepparttar 146606 fairy could dance onrepparttar 146607 hearth every night. Next you would leave out thick cream (which fairies were supposed to go crazy for). But if you want to get rid of a fairy you would try to reward it with more than just cream, fairies find this rude (don't know why) and would leave with everything in a shambles! You could also give it clothes, which was a polite invitation for it to leave, andrepparttar 146608 fairy would leave without causing everything to be in a shambles. -Pixies were known as mischievous lil' pests that would live and eat all your apples off your apple trees. Pixies had red hair, turned up noses, and greenish skin, and were lanky looking. Pixies love humans...well to trick them that is. If you were out on a walk a pixie just might change things around and do mischievous things to get you really lost, but it's said if you ware your cloths inside out a pixie can't get you "pixie lead" as its called. FIND OUT MORE aboutrepparttar 146609 RED CAP, click here

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