Meta Tags

Written by Clare Lawrence

Meta Tags By Clare Lawrence

Meta Tags are hidden description fields that help search engines to categorise websites. They are also of reduced importance than a few years ago.

Correct use of meta tags is nevertheless a factor in search engine algorithms and worth getting right.

A few considerations:-

- Shorter tags are more focused than longer ones. - Usuallyrepparttar first phrase has greater weight than later ones. - The title tag is of most value - Description and keyword tags are of lesser importance

Over recent years, search engines have become much more sophisticated and are now able to identifyrepparttar 127883 theme of a page by analysingrepparttar 127884 text.

It is important therefore to write your page copy first, ensuring its content is about your chosen theme. Once written your tags should reflect its content.

Links and link building with Google.

Written by Clare Lawrence

Links and link building with Google. By Clare Lawrence 1st June 2003. Clare isrepparttar CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK provider of domain names and web hosting services

Google isrepparttar 127882 leading search engine, so havingrepparttar 127883 right strategy for optimisation on Google is essential.

FFA sites Having a link on your website to an FFA (free for all) otherwise known as a links farm will not damage your PR. What will harm your site and your Google Page rank is outbound links from your site TO FFA sites.

Page rank is Google’s own measure ofrepparttar 127884 links and their quality to your site. Page Rank is an important factor, but notrepparttar 127885 only factor in Google’s algorithm.

FFA links must be avoided to protect your site, it is very important therefore to screen carefully each site you link to. Using Google's PR tool (a free download from: - ) can give you clues as to how Google rates sites. FFA sites are usually fairly easy to spot, as they contain lots of links to site that have no common theme or thread andrepparttar 127886 site itself appears to serve no purpose other thanrepparttar 127887 provision of links.

A greyed out PR usually means a site with a penalty a PR of 10/10 is a perfect score (only Google has one) 0/10 means little or no useful links etc.

The reason for this is straightforward: - Google recognises that you do Not have control over who links to you, but you do have control of which sites you LINK TO.

Once Google has blacklisted you – it is very hard to get re-listedrepparttar 127888 only options being to persuade Google you have “reformed” or move your site to another domain name and start again!

Google’s algorithm

If you’re a mathematical whiz you might also findrepparttar 127889 following article of interest

What it says is thatrepparttar 127890 average page rank of a group of pages always remains as 1.0. So for every highly ranked page there must be lower ranked ones. Page rank passes from page to page afterrepparttar 127891 application of a dampening factor (usually 0.85).

The point being that pages with outward links reduce page ranks whilst those with inward links gain it. The higherrepparttar 127892 ranking ofrepparttar 127893 source andrepparttar 127894 lowerrepparttar 127895 number of other outward linksrepparttar 127896 more valuable it will be to you.

Link dilution

The number of links on a page dilutesrepparttar 127897 Page rank transferred. If a page has 100 links. The page rank transferred is worth only 1/100th ofrepparttar 127898 value a single link would have. There are other factors such asrepparttar 127899 sites theme in comparison to your own.

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