Written by Heather Reimer

Recently, I was asked to write a radio program for a non- profit organization. I had worked in broadcast journalism for many years before I switched to online communications and really enjoyed getting back to my radio roots.

But something interesting happened as I was writingrepparttar script. Over and over again, I noticed just how much radio writing and effective web content have in common:

=>Both depend on high impact, attention-getting statements: "Weight loss without misery is possible if you..."; "The President has been found in a compromising position..."; "Want to know how to get your teens to talk to you?"

=>Both forms benefit from short, punchy sentences that use basic language and get torepparttar 129611 point fast. E-business consultant Philip Say even uses radio lingo when he explains how to write strong e-mail newsletters and sales letters.

He says, "Sound bites arerepparttar 129612 most effective way to grab repparttar 129613 attention ofrepparttar 129614 reader. The challenge today is to deliver short, meaningful messages that will initiate a conversation with your audience. You have to pack a punch into 50 words or fewer."

The average 30-second radio commercial has only 50 to 80 words. So writing a radio spot for your online product or service is a good exercise in how to write tight. And it's a good lesson in ruthless editing, possiblyrepparttar 129615 hardest and most important part ofrepparttar 129616 writing process!

Interviews with Well-Known Ezine Writers #2: - John Colanzi

Written by Michael Southon

MS: John, you must be one ofrepparttar most prolific Ezine Writers onrepparttar 129609 Web - I see your articles nearly everyday inrepparttar 129610 article lists and in dozens of Newsletters. How long have you been writing Ezine Articles?

JC: I first started writing ezine articles around 1999.

MS: What arerepparttar 129611 main topics that you write about in your Ezine Articles?

JC: I mainly write two types of articles, (i) Marketing and promotion, (ii) Success and motivation.

MS: John, how important have Ezine articles been in promoting your website?

JC: I sometimes use paid advertising, but my main method of promotion is writing and submitting articles.

MS: John, what sort of Articles have you had most success with? In your experience, what kind of Articles are most in demand?

JC: I getrepparttar 129612 most feedback on articles about success and motivation

MS: Some Ezine Writers promote a product or service in their Resource Box, while others aim only to get a subscription to their free Newsletter. What would your advice be for getting maximum results from your Resource Box?

JC: I usually promote my newsletter and free ebook inrepparttar 129613 resource box. Sometimes I promote a product, but mainlyrepparttar 129614 newsletter.

MS: What have you found to berepparttar 129615 most effective ways of getting your Articles published?

JC: Persistence. I've set up a weekly mailing to publishers. Most publishers get a lot of submissions, so getting them to notice you article will take some time. Once they start using your articles, they are more likely to start reading your submissions.

MS: Apart from getting your Articles published in Newsletters, are there any other ways you use your Articles to promote your website? (such as turning them into a free E-Book)?

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