Written by Heather Reimer

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=>Both radio and web content communicate better without jargon or foreign terms. I once usedrepparttar French word "ennui" instead of "boredom" in one of my marketing articles. As a result,repparttar 129611 piece sounded pretentious and I looked like a twit.

=>Both radio and web writing are improved by personality. Think aboutrepparttar 129612 radio announcers you like best. Probably you enjoy their voices as much as what they say. Your online content needs a voice too. For a good example of this, check outrepparttar 129613 very distinctive personality of The Newbie Club (, which carries right over into their newsletters.

=>The audience must come first. Radio announcers often pretend they are talking to just one person, imagining that person's age, their lifestyle, their hopes and dreams. (I once worked for a very earnest radio station that had repparttar 129614 production staff dress up a life-size doll to represent their ideal demographic - sort of a crash test dummy for target marketing!) You don't have to go that far, but aim what you're saying/writing to that one person who represents your target audience. They arerepparttar 129615 reason for what you do.

Now start listening to radio with a critical ear. Practice writing content as if it's for radio. It may help you inject some real personality into your ads, e-zine or website.

Heather Reimer has been a professional writer for 16 years. She can create custom e-zine and web content, sales letters, ads and articles just for you. For fast, effective and memorable content,

Interviews with Well-Known Ezine Writers #2: - John Colanzi

Written by Michael Southon

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JC: I created my free ebook Street Smart Secrets Of Success from a collection of my success and motivation articles: I was also contacted by a publisher who readrepparttar free ebook to create a free e-course for his ebook Autoresponder Gold. So fromrepparttar 129609 articles I've created my ebook andrepparttar 129610 7 Days To A Turbo Charged Mind email course:

MS: Some people are discouraged from writing Ezine articles because it seems that everything has already been written about. What's your view on that?

JC: Every writer brings their own style to a subject. You may read about it 100 times, but a certain writer's way of presentingrepparttar 129611 information, may berepparttar 129612 article that gets you to take action.

MS: Yes, that's an important point. What'srepparttar 129613 single most important style tip for writing a good Ezine Article?

JC: Write to one person. Makerepparttar 129614 ideas personal torepparttar 129615 reader.

MS: How important have Ezine Articles been in achieving your success in online business?

JC: Every good thing that's happened to me online has been a result of someone seeing an article.

MS: And finally John, what would be your advice to someone who wants to write Ezine Articles but has never written forrepparttar 129616 Internet before?

JC: Writerepparttar 129617 same way you would explain something to your best friend. Write to inform, don't write a sales letter and try to pass it off as an article.

MS: Thank you John.

Michael Southon is the author of the popular new eBook 'Ezine Writer!' Discover how to dramatically increase your Traffic and Sales, starting today: Join his twice-monthly 'e-Profit Tips Newsletter':

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