Internet Security: Backups

Written by Richard Lowe

A vital part of any security scheme is backup. No matter how tight your security is, you always haverepparttar chance that a virus or hacker or even your 5 year old kid is going to slip through your defenses and damage your system and your vital data files. If you don't back up your data regularly you will be out of luck. And anyone who has been there knows how horrible it is to realize that your computer is destroyed and there is no way to getrepparttar 132114 files back.

In order to back up your system, you will need a backup device. Some people use Zip or Jazz drives, others use tape drives, write able CD drives, or other removable cartridge systems. I know it sounds expensive, but compared withrepparttar 132115 cost of losing your valuable data forever, each of these is cheap.

I've found thatrepparttar 132116 best all-around product for backup is Backup Exec. This product requires a tape drive, as do most other third-party backup solutions. Backup Exec is preferred because it can be made totally automatic and is one ofrepparttar 132117 top-rated products industry-wide. If you want to back up to other media, though, you'll do best to stick withrepparttar 132118 backup software that comes withrepparttar 132119 media.

An important fact that I've noticed about backup is that you have to make it a part of your normal routine. Even if you have automated backups set up and working perfectly, you must check them constantly. If you don't you will find yourself without a backup when you need it most! My advice is to try restoring files from your backup occasionally when you don't need it so you are ready and are sure you have good backups when you do need them.

Be careful when choosing backup mediums for longer range storage. There is nothing more frustrating then to need a backup, go to it and find thatrepparttar 132120 file that you need cannot be retrieved becauserepparttar 132121 media is corrupt! For critical data I usually make sure I have backups on several different media (perhaps tape and zip disk), and forrepparttar 132122 really important stuff I tend to rotate through half a dozen different medias. I mean, think about it, isrepparttar 132123 data for your entire company worth a few dollars for some hardware and media? Don't risk all of your years of hard work trying to save a few dollars on media.

Backing Up Your Stuff Part 4: Preparing For Disaster

Written by Richard Lowe

Okay, picture this ... your computer system has been destroyed byrepparttar most recent outbreak ofrepparttar 132112 dreaded typhoid Mary virus. You never knew what hit you. One minuterepparttar 132113 system was fine. You received a nice email with an attachment which you opened, and boom, your system crashed. You rebooted but it got an error. Now what?

Or you could have mice (the animals) in your house. Mice love to create nests in warm places, and your computer is pretty warm. Just imagine all those little teeth gnawing away on all ofrepparttar 132114 wires ...

Worse yet, imagine it rains and a leak appears directly over your hard drive ... or your "friend" spills coffee onrepparttar 132115 CPU cabinet. I could go on and on about what could happen to your computer.

I don't know about you, but I spend more time on my home computer than I do watching television, reading, eating or anything else except possibly working at my day job. When my computer has a problem, especially one that results in a boot failure, I get extremely angry. I feel like I have been betrayed by my best friend. Ifrepparttar 132116 system gets damaged, I feel just as much pain as if a good friend went intorepparttar 132117 hospital.

The thing to do is to make sure you are prepared forrepparttar 132118 worst possible thing that can happen ... total system failure. This is a very difficult task to write about as there are many different ways that a computer can eat itself or be eaten - perhaps as many ways as there are computers.

It is beyondrepparttar 132119 scope of this article to go into great detail on how to make your system totally recoverable. There are many other great resources onrepparttar 132120 internet and inrepparttar 132121 documentation that originally came with your computer which will help you prepare.

Briefly, though, what you need arerepparttar 132122 following:

- The CD ROM containingrepparttar 132123 operating system installation files. This virtually always comes with a new system. It will be labeled something like "Windows 95" or "Windows 2000".

- Any other kind of recovery CD that came with your system.

- A bootable media. Sometimesrepparttar 132124 CD ROM itself is bootable. More often, you will get one or more floppy diskettes with your system. Keep these in a safe place.

- An emergency repair disk. This is usually one (sometimes more) diskettes which contain all ofrepparttar 132125 configuration options for your operating system. You need to create these occasionally (they are not automatic) - usually whenever you make a major change.

- Copies of all ofrepparttar 132126 updates and patches that have applied torepparttar 132127 operating system. What I do is maintain a writeable CD with a copy of each service pack and hot fix that I've installed. It is also a good idea to keep a text file (onerepparttar 132128 writeable CD itself) with a list of what needs to be installed inrepparttar 132129 correct order.

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