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Written by Richard Lowe

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Backup Disaster - A True Story

Not having a good backup can be a disaster of epic proportions. In one instance I've seenrepparttar lack of a backup turn a situation which was uncomfortable into a complete disaster.

I knew a guy who was working on an older Macintosh computer. Our entire company switched to PCs except for him, because he didn't haverepparttar 132114 time. The Macintosh was old and unbeknownst to anyone it had been outfitted with an old RAID drive (mirrored) from a manufacturer that no longer existed.

This guy believed he was doing backups every day. Someone showed him how to do it and he followed those instructions torepparttar 132115 letter, even torepparttar 132116 point of ignoringrepparttar 132117 error that it produced each and every time it ran. That was actually inrepparttar 132118 instructions.

One day his hard disk started making strange sounds so he called us. We tried to boot it up but no go. We asked him if he was doing backups and he handed us his zip disks, which were blank! He had been faithfully doing backups for over two years, and not one of them worked.

We had to sendrepparttar 132119 disk out to a disk repair shop, and they managed to recover about 20% ofrepparttar 132120 data at a cost of over $6,000! It tookrepparttar 132121 poor guy almost six months with two temps to get all ofrepparttar 132122 data hand-typed back intorepparttar 132123 computer!

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Backing Up Your Stuff Part 4: Preparing For Disaster

Written by Richard Lowe

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- Copies of each ofrepparttar applications that have been installed onrepparttar 132112 computer. If your applications came on CD, then keep those in a safe place. If you downloadedrepparttar 132113 applications, then store a copy on a writeable CD. In addition, you will need to keep copies of any patches or updates to these applications on writeable CDs.

I like to keep a box with all ofrepparttar 132114 above items in a safe place. I callrepparttar 132115 box my "crash cart", as it contains everything that I need to restore my system to health inrepparttar 132116 event of a software error.

In addition it's a good idea to keeprepparttar 132117 following inrepparttar 132118 crash cart:

- A sheet of paper with a list of people and companies you can call for help inrepparttar 132119 event of disaster. This may include technical support numbers ofrepparttar 132120 computer manufacturer,repparttar 132121 operating system company and any applications providers.

- A log of all ofrepparttar 132122 changes and installations that were made torepparttar 132123 computer system. This will be invaluable to determine what to recover in what order.

- All ofrepparttar 132124 documentation that came withrepparttar 132125 system inrepparttar 132126 original box.

- Another sheet of paper with network information (TCP/IP addresses and such), modem settings and other control panel values. This will be important if you ever have to type it all back in. Some ofrepparttar 132127 most important information is any settings or values provided by your ISP which allow your computer to get onrepparttar 132128 internet.

When you have a few spare minutes, when it is raining out andrepparttar 132129 television is showing nothing good at all, whenrepparttar 132130 kids are in bed andrepparttar 132131 husband or wife is asleep, when you are totally bored out of your mind ... then recover those manuals that came withrepparttar 132132 system. You know which ones I'm talking about ...repparttar 132133 ones you have buried in your closet under five feet of clothes behindrepparttar 132134 Christmas tree.

Now, openrepparttar 132135 books and read them. They will usually have some instructions on how to recover your system inrepparttar 132136 event of failure. This isrepparttar 132137 information that you need to understand, and it's better to spendrepparttar 132138 couple of hours up front reading than it is trying desperately to figure it out one evening -repparttar 132139 day before that term paper is due, of course.

And inrepparttar 132140 worst case, if you have all or most ofrepparttar 132141 above items you will haverepparttar 132142 materials thatrepparttar 132143 computer geek inrepparttar 132144 house downrepparttar 132145 street will need when you come begging for help at his door...

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge. Web Site Address: Weekly newsletter: Daily Tips:

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