Importance of keywords in Anchor Text or Title Text

Written by Purva Mewar

Keywords are indisputably,repparttar single most important element of an anchor text.

First of all, for those who are still learningrepparttar 143852 ropes let us define an anchor text. Anchor Text is also called Title Text. It is a clickable statement or text on a webpage, which takes you to another page or website.It is a link to another site or page. For example IfU Click Here you will reach my site. So "If U Click Here" is called an Anchor Text or Title Text.

The question is what should be considered an ideal anchor text? Since it is an invitation, it should be able to draw attention. It should ideally be self explanatory also. By looking at Anchor Text, one should be be able to figure out where one is going to land. I own a `Work at home' website, which people can join and make money from. Which would you consider a better Anchor Text ; Work At Home to Earn Extra Income - Join FREE Or Surprise! Click here! ? Obviouslyrepparttar 143853 1st one. Anchor texts withinrepparttar 143854 site (i.e. links which take you from one page ofrepparttar 143855 site to another) also should be chosen carefully

Search Engine Optimization :: The Basics and Why Websites Need It

Written by Ashley Russell

We all know thatrepparttar most targeted traffic we can get for our websites is from search engines. If you have a little patience and time to set websitesrepparttar 143815 right way you can have a great source of excellent traffic and, best of all, you get it for free.

I will outline first in this articlerepparttar 143816 basics that you have to know to get started withrepparttar 143817 optimizationrepparttar 143818 right way and, if you read it carefully, you will find out how to be one step aheadrepparttar 143819 majority.

If you want to have a complete optimized site you have to take care of both on-site and off-site optimization. I will first outlinerepparttar 143820 basics of on-site optimization.

Title Of The Page The title ofrepparttar 143821 page is one ofrepparttar 143822 most important elements of on-site optimization. Your title must contain your main keyphrase ofrepparttar 143823 page,also make sure thatrepparttar 143824 title describes exactly whatrepparttar 143825 page is about.

Meta Description Tag The meta description tag usually consists of 160 to 180 characters including spaces. You have to make sure that it describes whatrepparttar 143826 page is about and, because it will appear as a description of your page in serps, you have to write it in a way to makerepparttar 143827 readers interested in your site. But also don't forget to includerepparttar 143828 main keyphrases in it.

Meta Keywords Tag For some meta enabled search engines,repparttar 143829 meta keywords tag used to be one ofrepparttar 143830 most important factor after title and description. Inrepparttar 143831 meta description tag includerepparttar 143832 keywords and keyphrases from your title, description and some other important keywords but try not to exceed 20 words.

Heading Tag Each page should contain at least one heading tag. You have to place it atrepparttar 143833 top ofrepparttar 143834 page and should contain your primary keywords/keyphrases. Make sure that allrepparttar 143835 heading tags are relevant torepparttar 143836 content ofrepparttar 143837 page.

Alt Tag When you place your cursor over an image a text will popup. This text isrepparttar 143838 alt text. Try not to stuff keywords or keyphrases in it. Make sure it will describerepparttar 143839 image and will include your main keywords/keyphrases.

Content Of The Page Along withrepparttar 143840 title,repparttar 143841 content weights heavily for all major search engines. You will have to write it to grab users attention and include all your keywords and keyphrases in it in a balanced way. A good thing you can do for your site is to add at least a new page each week to give users a reason to visit your site again.

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