Golf Weight Training Is The Answer To Longer Drives

Written by Mike Pedersen

It is no secret that most ofrepparttar male and female tour players who want to play their best golf, do golf weight training exercises. But it’s notrepparttar 142505 kind of grueling, sweating stuff you’re thinking about.

There is a HUGE misconception of what and how this type of program should be done. It does not take going into a gym and lifting heavy weights; nor does it take a 2-3 hour daily commitment.

I have seen many “so-called” golf weight training programs, books, and videos etc that do in fact showrepparttar 142506 golfer inrepparttar 142507 gym and on machines. Sitting on a machine, isolating one muscle group is not golf-specific or sport-specific for that matter.

Golf is a dynamic movement done on your feet. Sitting in a machine in a “controlled” environment will not improve your swing.

The golf swing incorporates most ofrepparttar 142508 muscles ofrepparttar 142509 body in a sequential motion. I hope you can now see sitting in a machine won’t improve that.

So what truly is a ‘golf-specific’ program?

For starters, doing a lot of exercise ‘on your feet’ and in your golf posture will help. The more you can get in your posture and strength train,repparttar 142510 quickerrepparttar 142511 benefit to your game.

Golf also involves balance and stabilization. To improve this takes a concentrated effort on core work and exercises involving balance (such as one-legged exercises).

The more popular golf-exercises are done on a stability ball; using exercise tubing; handweights; and even weighted medicine balls.

This allows you to do many dynamic movements similar to your golf swing, directly relating to more power, distance and accuracy.

British Aikido Board National Nepotism Seminar

Written by Henry Ellis

The British Aikido Board Disastrous National Nepotism Seminar 2004 – 99 Students By Henry Ellis ( BAB Founder member - now resigned )

For many years The British Aikido Board ( BAB ) have shown no interest whatsoever inrepparttar true history of British Aikido, to be fair torepparttar 142504 BAB, they have shown a great deal of interest and support forrepparttar 142505 false history of British Aikido for which they have now publicly apologised,repparttar 142506 apology to Henry Ellis byrepparttar 142507 chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter can be viewed on

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei

When Kenshiro Abbe Sensei first stepped on British soil in 1955 he brought with himrepparttar 142508 knowledge of many Budo arts, Aikido being one of them. Abbe Sensei also brought his Aikido based philosophy of Kyu-Shin-Do. This wasrepparttar 142509 inception of British Aikido. Yet no where inrepparttar 142510 BAB literature will you find any reference to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei orrepparttar 142511 origins of Aikido withinrepparttar 142512 UK. Inrepparttar 142513 year 2000repparttar 142514 BAB were happy to help promote Mr Pooles proven fraudulent claims to 47 yrs of Aikido, The BAB have now taken this claim by Mr Poole fromrepparttar 142515 BAB Associations information website. I personally received my invitation fromrepparttar 142516 BAB to attend Mr Poole’s event, that wasrepparttar 142517 start ofrepparttar 142518 long running British Aikido Board Controversy, yet sadly,repparttar 142519 BAB have never ever promotedrepparttar 142520 true history of British Aikido or its founder Kenshiro Abbe Sensei..

It should be pointed out thatrepparttar 142521 spate of attacks onrepparttar 142522 credibilty of British Aikido History - Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Henry Ellis have all come from prominent members ofrepparttar 142523 British Aikido Board.

The BAB chairman supportsrepparttar 142524 claims of Mr Poole by stating " We have no formal records to prove or disprove either claim " DUH < There were four of Abbe Senseis students withinrepparttar 142525 BAB >

Mr John Burn. BAB Executive - BAB Communications Officer - Very Serious libel attack onrepparttar 142526 name of Henry Ellis.

Jim Johnston. The then BAB Press Officer. Promotingrepparttar 142527 frudulent claims of Mr Poole

Mr Dominick Foster. BAB Executive- Attendsrepparttar 142528 Kenshiro Abbe Celebrations and states " What is this Celebration all about " he then tells my personal guest that next year isrepparttar 142529 true celebration of British Aikido.

Mr Jack Poole. Senior Principal Coach. The Jack Poole Biography...

The KenShinKai. Prominent BAB Association. Gave 100% Support forrepparttar 142530 JP Bio..

Mr Gwynne Jones. Prominent BAB member. Dis-creditsrepparttar 142531 early dan grades in MartialArts Illustrated article " Bendsrepparttar 142532 Branch..Issue June 05.

British Aikido Board Statement Damned Forever The BAB Chairman Toni Davis stated inrepparttar 142533 year 2000 “Werepparttar 142534 British Aikido Board are notrepparttar 142535 custodians of British Aikido History and therefore have no interest inrepparttar 142536 same“

Sadly withrepparttar 142537 arrival ofrepparttar 142538 new BAB chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter nothing changed, he maderepparttar 142539 statement below despiterepparttar 142540 factual information available to him and his executive, lets not forget that Mr Sumpter hadrepparttar 142541 only four surviving students of Abbe Sensei for Aikido withinrepparttar 142542 BAB.

Onrepparttar 142543 17th April 2002 The BAB Chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter wrote to Henry Ellis with reference torepparttar 142544 history of British Aikido. He then maderepparttar 142545 following crass statement in his support forrepparttar 142546 BAB stance on Mr Jack Poole.

“The period in question predatesrepparttar 142547 creation ofrepparttar 142548 BAB by a significant amount of time and therefore we have no formal records to prove or disprove either claim.”

The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Celebration Seminar May 14th Crystal Palace London 720 Participants –Guests – Spectators

Atrepparttar 142549 Sport England / BAB / Ellis mediation meeting 6th July 2004 whererepparttar 142550 BAB were reprimanded by Sport England and instructed to give Henry Ellis a full public apology.

Atrepparttar 142551 end ofrepparttar 142552 meeting ( The minutes for this meeting can be viewed on ), Henry Ellis appraised Ms Sadie Mason of Sport England ofrepparttar 142553 proposed plans forrepparttar 142554 Kenshiro Abbe event, Ms Mason suggested that we should involverepparttar 142555 BAB in our plans as part ofrepparttar 142556 reconciliation of British Aikido, Henry Ellis agreed.

Henry Ellis offered Ms Masons suggestion torepparttar 142557 Abbe Event Committee,repparttar 142558 suggestion was unanimously accepted 100%. The BAB executive were then approached and invited to send a representative ( any member ) ofrepparttar 142559 BAB to attend our meetings and report back on our progress, this offer was rejected out of hand.

Mr Vincent Sumpter “No matter your Pretence, You are what YOU are and nothing more!“ Kenshiro Abbe Sensei

Not deterred, we then invitedrepparttar 142560 BAB chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter to attend The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Celebration as a VIP guest, to payrepparttar 142561 respects ofrepparttar 142562 BAB membership of which he represents . There were many BAB members attending, proving that this event was not about personal differences – styles or what organisation you belong to, I was pleased to see students from Mr Poole’s organisation who were also made very welcome. This event was about one thing and one thing only “ Kenshiro Abbe Sensie “ with demonstrations ofrepparttar 142563 early aikido and its proud standards, with Sensei Eastman showing various techniques to showrepparttar 142564 influences thatrepparttar 142565 different early teachers brought torepparttar 142566 UK in those early days.

Students trained with other students of other styles and association with a friendliness not often seen in modern Aikido circles. this event went a long way to promote all that is good in Aikido. I believe thatrepparttar 142567 spirit of Abbe Sensei would be very proud of this special day to his memory.

Another crass statement from Mr Vincent Sumpter 27th March 2004, In an unwarranted attack onrepparttar 142568 genuine aikidoka who supportedrepparttar 142569 British Aikido Controversy debate in its defence ofrepparttar 142570 true history of British Aikido andrepparttar 142571 Aikido history of Abbe Sensei and his disciples.

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