Golf Weight Training Is The Answer To Longer Drives

Written by Mike Pedersen

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These pieces of equipment are very inexpensive and portable. You can have a complete golf weight training gym in your home for under $100 easily.

For example, exercise tubing is approximately $20 and you can immediately do golf swings with it. This is as golf-specific as you can get. Doing your actual movement with resistance will dramatically increase your power output.

There are dozens of simple, golf weight training exercises you can do withrepparttar above equipment (and in your home). The beauty of this type of golf training is saving time and money, but most importantly making it fun and enjoyable.

When you do these types of golf weight training exercises you will be encouraged that it will berepparttar 142505 missing link to your best game.

Often, we try to get onrepparttar 142506 fitness, weight-loss bandwagon, only to quit after just a week or so. Withrepparttar 142507 above type of training, your doing both. You not only see a dramatic improvement in your game, butrepparttar 142508 icing onrepparttar 142509 cake is looking and feeling better.

I have worked with hundreds, if not thousands of golfers viarepparttar 142510 web who have sent me emails stating how they have stuck with their programs longer than any other time in their life. They sayrepparttar 142511 connection between health and golf is what did it.

So don’t get overwhelmedrepparttar 142512 next time you here about golf weight training. With a little research, you can be doing your golf weight training program in your home in no time.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Check out his new golf fitness – golf training site at Perform Better Golf.

British Aikido Board National Nepotism Seminar

Written by Henry Ellis

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“The Boards conscience is clear. like allrepparttar practitioners of Aikido who contribute to this “controversy “ Mr Humm appears to have forgottenrepparttar 142504 meaning ofrepparttar 142505 word “Aikido “ – Harmony of Sprit to find a Way “ The “Controversy “ website feeds hatred, ill – feeling, bitterness and discord. For my part, as an aikidoka who is passionate aboutrepparttar 142506 art andrepparttar 142507 etiquette that goes with it, I will therefore not add torepparttar 142508 feeding frenzy this website generates. I can’t stop what is going on but I can turnrepparttar 142509 other cheek.“

With reference torepparttar 142510 above statement by Mr Sumpter I should remindrepparttar 142511 reader to visit to read bothrepparttar 142512 Sport England minutes and Mr Sumpters apology to Mr Ellis which can only be considered an apology to all that supportedrepparttar 142513 “Controversy “ inrepparttar 142514 name of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei includingrepparttar 142515 named Mr David Humm.

In response to our invitation Mr Sumpter replied stating that he graciously accepted our invitation. Just beforerepparttar 142516 event he changed his mind without explanation, suggesting that we allow Mr Ralph Reynolds to representrepparttar 142517 BAB.

Mr Reynolds had a far more important role to play as one ofrepparttar 142518 main teachers at this event where he was delighted to take part as an original student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

This was such an important event with many good students who were members ofrepparttar 142519 BAB, yet,repparttar 142520 British Aikido Board were not represented at this event to pay tribute to such a great master andrepparttar 142521 founder of our Aikido.

If Mr Sumpter had attended he would have seen a Martial Arts Spectacular never before seen inrepparttar 142522 United Kingdom, where students from many organisations met and renewed old friendships, there were many more that made new friendships.

In almost 50 years of Aikido I have never before experiencedrepparttar 142523 special atmosphere that electrifiedrepparttar 142524 great hall at Crystal Palace fromrepparttar 142525 momentrepparttar 142526 Taiko Drummers started to play on this day of celebration inrepparttar 142527 name of Abbe Sensei. I never ever thought in my life time that I would ever see an event to eclipserepparttar 142528 great event at The Royal Albert Hall in 1963 with Abbe Sensei. I knew on Saturdayrepparttar 142529 14th of May that I was now witnessingrepparttar 142530 greatest Aikido event in my 48 years of Aikido. I am not an emotional man but I will admit that as I looked overrepparttar 142531 balcony ofrepparttar 142532 concourse ontorepparttar 142533 tatami area withrepparttar 142534 sound ofrepparttar 142535 Taiko Drummers andrepparttar 142536 hundreds of students and guests gathering below I was unable to stoprepparttar 142537 trickle of a few emotional tears as I realised I was witnessing something very special.

MR SUMPTER, you missed something very special, whilst you sat 40 miles away at home contemptuously ignoringrepparttar 142538 tribute torepparttar 142539 father of British Aikido, others travelled from all parts ofrepparttar 142540 UK – USA – France – Holland – Germany – Czechoslovakia. etc.

Whilst you sat at home it was a wonderful moment when Sensei Bill Woods who wasrepparttar 142541 personal aide to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and without doubtrepparttar 142542 most influential force inrepparttar 142543 history British Martial Arts, made a supreme effort despite his serious illness to pay his respects torepparttar 142544 memory of Abbe Sensei.

Also whilst you sat at home, Sensei Bill Stoppsrepparttar 142545 personal Aide to Matsutharu Otani Sensei who despite his age and ill health also attended and thanked me wholeheartedly for inviting him as a special guest, and forrepparttar 142546 wonderful day he had experienced.

Whilst you sat at home just 40 miles away, Sensei Robin Otani and his two sons,repparttar 142547 descendents of Matsutharu Otani Sensei travelled allrepparttar 142548 way from Devon to attend.

Sensei Joe Curran travelled allrepparttar 142549 way from Newcastle and Sensei Mike Nery travelled from Bristol. Sensei Dave Rogers travelled 7000 miles from New Mexico USA as did Sensei Al Montemar and Mr Chad Hatcher who flew over from Texas USA to pay their respects. Whilst you sat at home there were many others that travelled long journeys to attend.

Unlike you Mr Sumpter these people wanted to attend.

You missed some ofrepparttar 142550 finest displays ofrepparttar 142551 Budo arts that any martial artist is ever likely to witness at any one event, a truly lasting experience for all those that maderepparttar 142552 effort to attend.

I was always underrepparttar 142553 impression that it wasrepparttar 142554 sworn duty of any chairman to always do what was best for his organisation and its members.

Try Try Try Again

Afterrepparttar 142555 disastrous “British Aikido Board Nepotism Seminar 2004“ with only 99 students attending out of a membership of approx 15000,repparttar 142556 BAB have decided not to hold it's 2005 National Seminar .

They are of course fully aware ofrepparttar 142557 fantastic success ofrepparttar 142558 Kenshiro Abbe Celebrations. With 720 participants – honoured guests – spectators.

The BAB having failed in its four year support for Mr Jack Poole to changerepparttar 142559 history of British Aikido. They now appear to have a renewed interest inrepparttar 142560 true history of British Aikido and its founder Kenshiro Abbe. No matter whateverrepparttar 142561 British Aikido Board do, that damning statement below will hang over their shameless heads for ever and a day.

British Aikido Board Statement Damned Forever

The BAB Chairman Toni Davis stated inrepparttar 142562 year 2000

“Werepparttar 142563 British Aikido Board are notrepparttar 142564 custodians of British Aikido History and therefore have no interest inrepparttar 142565 same.“

"No matter your pretence, you are what you are and nothing more.“ Kenshiro Abbe Sensei By Henry Ellis Co-Author: Positive Aikido.

Henry Ellis Co-author: Positive Aikido.. a direct student of the legendary master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1957.

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