Forget Positive Thinking

Written by Ke o agile Khiba

There are always explanations for why things to you or others. Even though you might not understand why. Some ofrepparttar time, when things happen that you do not wish for, you may be tempted to throw your arms inrepparttar 135791 and wish ...

But me! I just say 'Great'. You know why?

No, I am not one ofrepparttar 135792 lucky few. I have learned a very life defining skill. And that is to maintain perspective. Of course you have heard about 'perspective'? Let us work on this together now, please.

Perspective is one of those influencers that are instrumental in shaping your reality. It is notrepparttar 135793 only influencer, but it does play a pretty crucial role.

You (and you alone) determine your perspective. Never mind what is happening out there. You are ultimately responsible for your outlook, because you can control your self-confidence, your self-talk, as well as your expectancies.

These three arerepparttar 135794 components of perspective. Success is much more possible when these three components are positive.

Yes, it might be raining out there andrepparttar 135795 sheriff might be knocking at your door. You might be faced with a bankruptcy and your most trusted partner might have just dumped you. But... what is important when these things happen isrepparttar 135796 climate/environment you are creating and maintaining in your head. Your glorious status might be history, but how about rewriting your future? And here's how...


It is important for you to remember that your perceptions of reality changes depending on how you feel about yourself at any given moment. Got that? If you are full of confidence, you diminishrepparttar 135797 power of outside factors, and your internal reality is charged up with resourcefulness. 'What if my self-confidence is so low because ofrepparttar 135798 failures I have experienced'? I hear you ask.

Focus onrepparttar 135799 fundamentals and basics. That is what you do. Make sure you masterrepparttar 135800 fundamentals and basics of whatever it is that you want to do. And when you can dorepparttar 135801 fundamentals right, you have takenrepparttar 135802 first steps in increasing your self-confidence.

Expressing Your Love Through Service

Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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Title: Expressing Your Love Through Service Author: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. E-mail: Copyright: © 2005 by Margaret Paul URL: Word Count: 767 Category: Self Improvement, Spiritual Growth

Expressing Your Love Through Service By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

A client of mine told me that she had been making food for a friend of hers who was very ill. “I find that my heart opens and I feel so happy when I am doing something for someone else. I need to do this more, but I don’t know what to do.”

Doing service is a powerful way to openrepparttar 135772 heart and fulfillrepparttar 135773 soul. Those people who do service know how much joy they receive from giving to others. The more inner work we do to fill ourselves with love,repparttar 135774 more our heart overflows torepparttar 135775 point where we may feel compelled to help others.

There are many forms of service and we each need to findrepparttar 135776 way that works best for us. There is no right way. We can serve by helping one person, such as being a Big Brother or Big Sister to a disadvantaged child, or we can be of service by helping whole groups, such as raising funds for environmental projects. We can offer our time building houses forrepparttar 135777 poor, or we can offer money. We can choose to be of service to people, animals or Mother Earth. Your service may be in being a loving parent to your children, helping a friend in need or being a loving mate who supportsrepparttar 135778 other’s highest good in many little ways. Doing service is a matter of discovering your passion and then offering your time and love. You might have a special interest in protectingrepparttar 135779 environment, stopping child abuse, helpingrepparttar 135780 homeless or caring forrepparttar 135781 dying. You might offer service through your creativity, creating beautiful drawings, ceramics or quilts to donate to charitable causes or give as gifts. Tuning in to your feelings of what brings you joy will lead you toward knowing how you want to be of service to others.

Steve discovered his passion for helpingrepparttar 135782 elderly when his father became ill and was in a convalescent home. A hard-driving businessman, Steve was surprised to find how joyous and fulfilled he felt when he visited his father and brought his humor and compassion torepparttar 135783 other elderly atrepparttar 135784 home. Being withrepparttar 135785 elderly was so satisfying, Steve decided to cut back on his work and spend more time atrepparttar 135786 home. He had discovered what makes his heart sing.

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