Earrings The Ultimate Fashion Statement

Written by Sher Matsen

Earrings are an important part of every woman’s wardrobe, whether we are headed for a day atrepparttar beach, torepparttar 150922 office, or to a wedding. Your earrings give a subtle hint about your personality. You can changerepparttar 150923 entire look and feel of your wardrobe by addingrepparttar 150924 right earrings. You can bring out your softer feminine side,repparttar 150925 sexy goddess, or present simple charm, sophistication, or elegance. For both men and women, today earrings are a definite fashion statement.

Earrings have been a part of human culture since 3000 BC. In past times, earrings actually established your position in society, because only royalty and very wealthy were able to afford expensive jewelry. Fine jewelry was worn by onlyrepparttar 150926 wealthy. The rest ofrepparttar 150927 population also wore earrings to decorate their body, but they were replicas of high society jewelry. There are many styles of earrings. There are quite literally thousands of choices. There is an earring style for every personality. Fine jewelry remains popular with precious stones such as sapphire and emeralds. Semi precious stones are also very popular. But even more popular arerepparttar 150928 costume jewelry earrings. These are affordable, look great, and are great for staying trendy and in style.

From dangles, to chandeliers, to droplets, to hoops, to studs. The choices and styles are never ending. If you don’t have pierced ears, no worries! These days there is a terrific selection or clip on earrings available. You can be dazzling, subtle, glamorous, sexy. You can be highly refined, professional, high classed, or fun and funky, and trendy! You can never have enough earrings. Your earrings can addrepparttar 150929 finishing touches your outfit. Change your earrings and you can changerepparttar 150930 entire appearance of your look. Think about that little black dress you own. Add a pair of sapphire studs and you’ll be highly refined. Add a pair of large chandelier rhinestones and you’ll be Hollywood glamour. Add a pair of wood dangles, and a pair of flip flops and you’ll look fun and funky. Add a pair of red button earrings with a red bead necklace and you’ll be “so sexy.”

Sunless Tanning Booth

Written by Sher Matsen

As we begin to fully understandrepparttar serious consequences of sun tanning, we are looking for alternatives and that’s why a visit it a sunless tanning booth has become so popular. There are no tanning bed risks and no tanning bed burns to worry about. Just a beautiful golden tan that lasts about a week.

Rememberrepparttar 150921 first self tanners that hitrepparttar 150922 shelves many years ago – wella you became instant carrot orange. Well we’ve come along way babe! The hottest thing to hitrepparttar 150923 beauty seen isrepparttar 150924 sunless tanning booth which gently sprays your entire body a golden brown. You’ll look naturally sun kissed and no one, and I mean no one will know its not a gift from mother nature.”

Although you can get your spray tan out of a can it can be a bit tricky and you might land up looking a little streaky so why not book an appointment at your favorite salon and get it done right. Just thinkrepparttar 150925 perfect sunless tan! No more harmful UV rays

If you don’t which shop has a spray booth or who is good then ask around, word of mouth is always a good way to find out what salon doesrepparttar 150926 best spray tanning. Once you’ve chosen a salon book your appointment.

Onrepparttar 150927 day of your appointment shower and exfoliate to make sure you’ve removed all loose and flaky skin. Allrepparttar 150928 spray tanning inrepparttar 150929 world won’t do you any good if its just going to flake off tomorrow with dead skin. A loofah works great for removing dead skin.

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