Earrings The Ultimate Fashion Statement

Written by Sher Matsen

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Itís amazing what a pair of earrings can do to your look! So keep a good selection of earrings on hand to meet all your fashion needs. Earrings arerepparttar most important wardrobe accessory you can own. Youíll get great value from your earrings. Choose earrings that meet your life style, your personality, and your tastes. There is no point in buying a pair of trendy earrings that youíll never wear because they donít feel like ďyou.Ē

Earrings also make a great gift as they can be very personalized. Choose a style to meet their personality. From gemstones to beads, you can spend a little or you can spend a lot. The gift recipient will be thrilled that you were so thoughtful as to buy such a personal gift. Use your earrings to make a lasting impression, fromrepparttar 150922 board room torepparttar 150923 beach. Be sure people remember who you are. Itís important to always Make Your Fashion Statement!

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Sunless Tanning Booth

Written by Sher Matsen

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If there are parts of your body that you donítí want spray tanned than choose old clothing to cover them because they are going to be covered in a dye that doesnít come off easily. Youíll also need to make sure they fit tight so that spray canít waft up.

Be sure you followrepparttar instructionsrepparttar 150921 salon gives you. Normally they give you a handout to read that tells you what to do.

After your sprayed you need to stand still for 60 seconds to letrepparttar 150922 tan dry evenly. This doesnít mean its completely dry it just this is when itís easiest to rub off or smear. You should actually be cautious for a couple of hours. Afterrepparttar 150923 60 seconds gently blot your skin with a towel to catch drips and remove any blotches.

Feet donít normally get as much sun asrepparttar 150924 rest of you so they are often paler. In a spray booth they may actually darker faster because ofrepparttar 150925 angle so itís best to wearrepparttar 150926 paper bootiesrepparttar 150927 salon gives you to keep your tan looking natural. You can always apply a coat at home with a can tanner if they are too light.

If youíve got a special event coming up, perhaps a wedding, prom, or a re-union, spray tanning might be something youíll want to try. When done correctly it results in a very natural looking tan adding summer color to your pale winter skin. Using a sunless tanning booth is what could be called smart tanning. So what are you waiting for? Why not give it a try?

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