Do You Hear Wedding Bells?

Written by Tanya Blok

So you've been in that perfect relationship for some time now. You've been dropping hints aboutrepparttar future and he is receiving you loud and clear. It's time to do a little "window shopping." After all, you don't want to leave one ofrepparttar 122052 most important decisions in your life entirely up to him, do you? He WILL lose sleep over finding that perfect engagement ring, even though he will not admit it. So why not help him out a little, give him some guidance and direction.

There are so many choices when it comes to shopping for engagement rings and you and he will hear a lot of advice from a lot of "helpful" people. His "Uncle Charlie" will know a guy who knows a guy. Your sister will tell you that you have to get your ring where she got hers. Your co-worker will tell you about this really cool website. And on and on, there will be advice around every corner.

Let's go through some ofrepparttar 122053 available options and identifyrepparttar 122054 pros and cons of each. This should help you both figure out whatrepparttar 122055 best option is for you.

Your Local Jewelry Store: Definintely a great place to start. A jewelry store will have a small selection of pre-set engagement rings for you to see in person, and try on. If you run into a helpful sales associate that is willing to spend some time with you and explain all ofrepparttar 122056 nuances of buying diamonds, it will be well worth your time.

PROS Seeingrepparttar 122057 diamond in person. Nothing beatsrepparttar 122058 feeling of seeing diamonds sparkle on your finger!

Talking to a knowlegable human being and getting answers to questions face to face.

CONS Limited selection. Most local jewelry stores do not haverepparttar 122059 financial resources to carry a large inventory of diamonds. However, many stores do work with suppliers who are able to send them goods on memorandum (like consignment) if they have a customer who is looking for a particular diamond.

Price. You will pay more at a jeweler, period. Sure you can try and negotiate and feel like you got a better price, but a jeweler will not sell you that diamond for less than a substantial profit. Most jewelers need to make a "keystone" markup on every item, which is double what they paid for that diamond. This markup coversrepparttar 122060 high overhead costs of running a store including insurance, rent and sales commissions.

Antique Shops: If you are looking for a ring that is truly unique, this isrepparttar 122061 place for you. You'll need to do some leg work and visit many different stores to see what's available, but it could be worth it inrepparttar 122062 long run.

PROS Most likely to find a one of a kind ring. If you haverepparttar 122063 need to be an original, stick to your search and you will find that proverbial "diamond inrepparttar 122064 rough."

CONS Unless you get lucky, expect a long search. You may only find a handful, if any rings inrepparttar 122065 shops you visit.

Most rings will not have any type of certification or appraisal. Unless you know a great deal about diamond grading, it is possible to get taken advatage of very easily.

The Internet The Holy Grail andrepparttar 122066 Bottomless Pit of information, all wrapped in one. By far, you will findrepparttar 122067 largest selection of diamonds and engagement rings here, but that can be quite overwhelming. Start withrepparttar 122068 basics and work your way through this checklist.

6 common marriage mistakes

Written by Tapan Sarkar

Every marriage starts with a lot of hope and dream about life long association filled with love and togetherness. But very few marriages fulfillrepparttar hopes ofrepparttar 122051 participants in totality.

There are various reasons for this but here we single out 6 of those. Every young person who is planning marriage should be aware of these most common pitfalls.

1. Marrying forrepparttar 122052 sake of love without first checkingrepparttar 122053 depth of love.

No denying that all relationships start with a sense of love and mutual liking. Committing to a long term relationship like marriage solely onrepparttar 122054 basis of that feeling of love is a mistake. Because most ofrepparttar 122055 time this kind of feeling is superficial and can not passrepparttar 122056 test of time. Romantic feeling dies as time passes and far more important issues like 'family background', 'values', 'religious faith', 'financial stability' raise their head, and these issues are of real importance which almost every body with feeling of mutual love ignore.

2. Marrying someone who does not share an interest or hobby.

While marriage with a person who does not share an interest or hobby does not itself makerepparttar 122057 marriage unstable, presence of such an interest or hobby can make life more enjoyable for bothrepparttar 122058 partners. And this can make a real difference so while selecting life partner this aspect must be taken into account. But for some reason or other this aspect is often overlooked before marriage. And efforts start after marriage to adaptrepparttar 122059 partner to one's own interest or develop a new common interest. While that is not an impossible task,repparttar 122060 process of adapting may become un- palatable and may lead to unstable marriage.

3. Not knowing what questions to ask for checking compatibility.

As discussed earlier that marriage decision based on initial sense of love may be counter productive. To make a marriage successful one should do some simple homework. Knowledge of future partner's background and certain other things can play a crucial role here. But many young persons either do not try to know all these important facts or do not know what are important aspects s/he must know to make their marriage successful.

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