Do You Hear Wedding Bells?

Written by Tanya Blok

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1. Shape - Diamonds are cut into 10 most common shapes, but there are countless other "designer" shapes popping up inrepparttar industry on a regular basis. Most ofrepparttar 122052 shapes are self explanatory (round, oval, pear, heart), but do you know what a Marquise or a Radiant looks like? Take a look atrepparttar 122053 most commonly available diamond shapes and decide what you like best.

2. Size - Bigger is better, right? Not necessarily. Unless your fiance has very deep pockets, you will not be getting a 5 carat boulder to weigh you down. Too many men are convinced that it has to be big. Would you like to have a big ugly rock that is dull and lifeless on your hand, just so you could tell everyone it's 3 carats, or would you rather have a beautiful, sparkling beacon of light catching all of your friends attention. You won't have to wave your hand in front of them to notice, they will come to you!

3. The 4 C's - The most common phrase inrepparttar 122054 diamond business andrepparttar 122055 most important when shopping for a diamond online. The 4 C's represent a diamond's cut, color, clarity and carat weight. CUT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF A DIAMOND'S FIRE AND BRILLIANCE. So many people buying diamonds focus on color and clarity, that cut is often overlooked. You can spend a fortune buying a flawless clarity and perfect color (white) diamond, yet if it is poorly cut, it will be dull and lifeless.

4. The Mouting Metal - This is basically a matter of personal preference and what looks best on you. Yellow gold is classic and works best for a solitaire engagement ring. Yellow gold is also better for mounting diamonds with a lower color grade (yellowish tint), becauserepparttar 122056 yellow fromrepparttar 122057 diamond blends intorepparttar 122058 setting. White gold and Platinum give a modern look and work best with three stone rings. Be sure to choose a diamond with a high color grade, otherwiserepparttar 122059 white moutning will negatively emphasise a yellowish diamond.

5. The Online Engagement Ring Builder - The most fun part of buying a diamond online is being able to build your own ring. Choose a diamond and a setting, then email it to your fiance. Even if he doesn't buy it online, he will know exactly what style to look for when he goes shopping. No surprises, and everyone is happy!

There are hundreds of diamond and jewelry web sites out there, but my advice is to stick withrepparttar 122060 leaders inrepparttar 122061 field. On their sites, you can browse thousands of diamonds as well as build your own engagement ring and see how different settings look with different shape diamonds. They both have highly knowlegable and very friendly customer service staff that can answer questions about diamonds and settings, and offer a no risk 100% guarantee and return policy.

You can also browse our site for weekly updates to diamond prices and more in depth diamond education. We also maintain a searchable database of diamonds from leading online jewelers so you can compare similar diamonds from multiple sources.


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6 common marriage mistakes

Written by Tapan Sarkar

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4. Thinking proper and careful quarries may offend her/him.

One may think that too much investigation about future partner's back ground may not be a good idea. Asrepparttar other partner may find it distasteful. This kind of thought process keeps many young man and woman from askingrepparttar 122051 right questions before marriage.

5. Depending too much on a friend or relatives recommendation.

A sizable number of young man and woman often get married onrepparttar 122052 recommendation of relatives or friends. While generally relatives and friends are regarded as well wishers, marrying on their recommendation is not a good idea. As their knowledge of a person can never equal torepparttar 122053 knowledgerepparttar 122054 person has about herself or himself. Sorepparttar 122055 person to be married is in a much better position to select compatible life partner. Best way out is acting on their recommendation only after successful completion of compatibility check.

6. Getting married to make somebody else happy.

Sometimes people get married to make someone else happy. It may be parents or it may be relatives. There is no problem in making someone happy if that does not jeopardize one's own marriage. But most of time in such cases marriages occur without exercising enough caution. As a result one may end up marrying someone not compatible. If you are really serious to make your marriage an exciting, loving and enriching experience you need to be careful aboutrepparttar 122056 above things before your marriage.

Tapan Sarkar

Tapan Sarkar,

Ask right questions before your marriage.

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