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Written by Mike Dougherty

The Dreaded Video Store Experience

It's dark, cold, raining or all three as you get in your car and fight your way through traffic torepparttar nearest video store.

When you finally arrive, you quickly discover thatrepparttar 148258 movie your really want isn't even available,repparttar 148259 check-out line is way too long,repparttar 148260 clerk is too slow, you forgot your store card and you have a movie that's over due... Sound familiar?

The DVD Movie Club Experience

Now, with an online DVD movie club membership, your days of making those inconvenient trips torepparttar 148261 video store are finally over.

You can simply go online, selectrepparttar 148262 movies you want to see and your club delivers your titles right to your mailbox... Wow! What a concept. If you love movies, this is a dream come true.

No Due Dates, No Late Fees, No Shipping Charges

That's right; most DVD movie clubs offer you benefits that include no due dates which means you can keep your movies as long as you want. And since there are no due dates, there are no late fees. You simply return your movies whenever it's convenient for you.

And here's another great benefit that makes your DVD movie club experience hassle free... Most clubs ship your movie selections postage free. The clubs even provide you with free, pre-paid return envelopes for each movie so that when you mail your movies back to your club, it costs you absolutely nothing... Now what could be better than that?

DVD Movie Club - Membership Choices

Another exciting benefit offered by most clubs is a choice of membership plans. This gives yourepparttar 148263 ability to rent from one to three or more movies at a time. And no matter what membership plan you choose, you'll still enjoy no due dates, no late fees and free shipping.

DVD Movie Club - Choosing Your Movies

Some movie clubs offer you programs that let you pre-selectrepparttar 148264 kind of movies you like andrepparttar 148265 specific titles you want to see. With some clubs you can select movies inrepparttar 148266 order you want to see them. This makes it even faster and more convenient when it comes to choosingrepparttar 148267 movies you want to see.

In Search of Fun, Fame and Fortune

Written by Ieuan Dolby

As a kid I had endless hours of fun with my cousins and sisters. With sometimes five of us squashing into one ofrepparttar old style telephone boxes, somehow managing to closerepparttar 148257 door behind us we would start dialing numbers chosen at random fromrepparttar 148258 telephone directory.

The typical conversation being:

“Hello, can I speak to Mrs. Walls Please”? said in a rushed squeaky voice!

The person atrepparttar 148259 other end would usually reply “sorry, wrong number”.

And thus we would respond in a breathless giggle “well, can I speak to Mr Walls then”.

This might go on indefinitely and to include Great Uncle Walls, hopefully long enough forrepparttar 148260 recipient of our humor to say, “THERE ARE NO WALLS IN THIS HOUSE”.

And this was our queue forrepparttar 148261 punch line of: “Well, how does your roof stay up then”.


This style of humor was often followed, once we had got over our fits of giggles, by one of us standing underneathrepparttar 148262 all imposing clock tower in Rhosneigr town center and asking passerby’s forrepparttar 148263 time. Or back intorepparttar 148264 telephone box to ask if some poor housewife’s washing machine was running. Hopefully for a positive reply so that we could respond with “you better go and catch it then”.

My mother used to tell me of what she used to get up to with friends:repparttar 148265 tying of door knockers together, pullingrepparttar 148266 string and watching many doors open atrepparttar 148267 same time and some confused residents wandering what was going on. Orrepparttar 148268 tying of a bit of string acrossrepparttar 148269 road so thatrepparttar 148270 local bobby would find his helmet suddenly knocked from his head!

Such gentle humor in retrospect and compared to what we are issued up on television these days! Producers have taken practical jokes to a new extreme with each program trying to outdorepparttar 148271 next in daring and shock and none more so thanrepparttar 148272 Japanese who took it up a notch and past what any civilized person would call ‘funny’. The program that I remember was shown on British television maybe fifteen years ago and was based upon practical jokes and endurance tests for a series of what I would call mad people!

Scenario: A newly wed couple, having exchanged vows repair torepparttar 148273 open air reception. It seemed to be rather a grand affair with hundreds of people, marquees and even an archery range nearby for guests use! Anyway, after a few speeches and toastsrepparttar 148274 bride having had a few drinks was persuaded to take a shot at hitting a target. Picking uprepparttar 148275 bow and fitting an arrow took some teaching but after a few attempts an arrow was fired inrepparttar 148276 general direction ofrepparttar 148277 target. Whenrepparttar 148278 arrow would have hitrepparttar 148279 target (if it had been going anywhere near)repparttar 148280 husband, who had been hiding in waiting staggered out from behind it. Covered in tomato ketchup over his white shirt and with an arrow suitably affixed to his chest he fell torepparttar 148281 ground, thrashed around for scenic effect and with a final scream finished his acting debut inrepparttar 148282 death position.

The wife meanwhile having seenrepparttar 148283 effect of her shooting was in hysterics, thumpingrepparttar 148284 ground and had a knife been handy she would have ended her own life there and then! Staggering blindly to her supposedly dead husband she held his limp body in her arms. Weeping untold sadness and apology she looked down throughrepparttar 148285 mist only to find him winking at her!

I am certain thatrepparttar 148286 couple did not repair to a bed of roses that evening, nor would they have a merry chuckle aboutrepparttar 148287 day’s events over a cup of hot cocoa that night! Butrepparttar 148288 main aim ofrepparttar 148289 show andrepparttar 148290 practical joke was not aboutrepparttar 148291 wife’s feelings, but about providing an audience with some good humor. And judging byrepparttar 148292 laughter ofrepparttar 148293 guests,repparttar 148294 husband’s satisfaction overrepparttar 148295 success of his practical joke andrepparttar 148296 audience’s laughter it was a total and resounding winner.

I imagine though thatrepparttar 148297 wife was either seeking annulment that very same night or was to spend time inrepparttar 148298 local jail accused of murdering her husband with a meat cleaver. Naturally she would not get her sentence reduced through ‘justifiable cause’ –repparttar 148299 convicting judge stating that she obviously had no sense of humor and would therefore serverepparttar 148300 full term without parole.

But that was ten or fifteen years ago and from Japan, a country that considers endurance tests unworthy unless more than halfrepparttar 148301 contestants nearly die or end up in hospital with some serious disorders. Back home inrepparttar 148302 UK, withrepparttar 148303 more morally justifiable humor things were following another path, people no longer wanted ‘fun’ or revenge onrepparttar 148304 next door neighbor they wanted fame. Before long every man jack and his border collie wanted to appear on TV, to have their ugly mugs shown torepparttar 148305 world however embarrassing it might be to themselves and their family, friends and neighbors.

Young guys and girls lined up byrepparttar 148306 thousands to sing songs off-key and totally sadly, hopeful models tried to get through to a contract with some high profile magazine which preferred girls to be anorexic rather than ones who might have just come from breakfast at MacDonald’s andrepparttar 148307 one-man bands who thoughtrepparttar 148308 London Symphony orchestra wasrepparttar 148309 next step would not have sounded out of place amongst a steel fabrication yard at full swing.

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