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Written by Mike Dougherty

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Convenient Online Movie And Video Selection

With online movie clubs you can go online anytime you want to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to select and order your movies from libraries that in some clubs have well over 40,000 titles including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other video selections.

And you choose your movies online fromrepparttar comfort of your home, office or on-the-go with your laptop computer. All you need is an internet connection.

DVD Movie Club - Free Trial Offers

Here's another great advantage when you're deciding which DVD movie club to join. Most clubs offer you a FREE trial, just to let you experience their service and see if you like what they have to offer. Free trials can vary from a week to several weeks. During your free trial you'll still enjoy no due dates, no late fees and free shipping.

DVD Movie Club - Rent Or Buy

While most clubs like Netflix movie club or Blockbuster Online are rental clubs,repparttar 148258 Disney Movie Club is a special club where you can purchase your favorite Disney classics, recent releases, pre-school video and more. Andrepparttar 148259 Disney Movie Club also carries VHS videos as well as DVDs.

And some clubs like Blockbuster Online also offer video game rental and in-store discounts.

There are so many advantages and benefits to becoming a member of a DVD movie club... Starting with a free trial, no due dates, no late fees, no postage and of courserepparttar 148260 ultimate convenience of selecting your movies online and having them delivered right to your mail box.

If you love movies, and withrepparttar 148261 cost of movie tickets going throughrepparttar 148262 roof, joining a DVD movie club isrepparttar 148263 way to go... Why wait?

Mike Dougherty is a video and motion picture writer, producer, director, video editor and regional Emmy award winning videographer. Mike is also webmaster for his movie themed site, http://best-dvd-movie-club.com and the kid birthday party web site, http://fun-kid-birthday-parties.com

In Search of Fun, Fame and Fortune

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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These young hopefuls with their five minutes of fame on national television embarrassed themselves torepparttar laughter and giggles of millions of viewers. Pet owners, gardeners and cooks, poor people and rich all made a spectacle of themselves and willingly so, just for five minutes of fame! Strangely enough this search for glamour and fame even spread torepparttar 148257 already rich and famous. Actors and politicians, famous cooks and authors, wealthy tycoons and nutty scientists suddenly felt left out as viewers tuned in to average person and sort of forgot that there was already a large vat full of famous people! So sadly,repparttar 148258 already famous people jumped onrepparttar 148259 bandwagon and started to appear on gimmicky fame and fortune shows – six weeks living on a deserted island (with a full cast, helicopter support, satellite communication and nights back home in LA), cooks trying their hand at singing a Christmas Carols (resembled a nail being drawn harshly acrossrepparttar 148260 blackboard) and groups of already famous people bickering stupidly as they pretended to live together for six weeks!

Hope all those seeking five minutes of fame got what they were looking for….!!!!!

Throughout all of this decade long turn from fun seekers to fame hopefulsrepparttar 148261 BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and TV stations all overrepparttar 148262 world loved it. Here they had prime-time programs with minimal content, easily stocked with poor actors who would pay to appear and no end of viewers to tune in. So with thousands of hopeful dailyrepparttar 148263 world was given endless showings of anything from large models having cat fights to ex-cons attempting to lift mini-coopers with their bottom lips!

All a bit sad really!

The question that should now be asked is: “do any viewers of these shows actually take them seriously and ache to be part of it one day or are they all laughing their heads off atrepparttar 148264 poor ‘now famous’ people on stage”? The answer to this ultimate question may lie inrepparttar 148265 asking of another question: “do these same people think thatrepparttar 148266 sport of wrestling is a well-staged and choreographed event, purposely acted out for television viewing or do they think that it is a sport entered into withrepparttar 148267 full vigor and enthusiasm of say boxing”?

But whatever, life is currently taking a turn forrepparttar 148268 worse! Fame has grown slightly boring, viewers have realized that “too many cooks spoilrepparttar 148269 broth” or that nobody can really remember those famous wonders of yesterday for longer than five minutes, except those that had really terrible voices or whose mug resembled that of an escaped convict! Nowadays new prime time shows are emerging, those that involve either fun and fortune or fame and fortune! Shows with contestants, shows offering fame and all with a large cash donation torepparttar 148270 winning candidate’s purse atrepparttar 148271 end of it all! So,repparttar 148272 already famous are being pushed aside once again and hopefuls of all shapes and sizes and ages enter willingly into endurance tests, assault courses and into embarrassing displays of inability in varying forms, but at leastrepparttar 148273 dangled carrot more than made up for viewer’s laughter.

What mayberepparttar 148274 ultimate in sadness arerepparttar 148275 shows that emerge fromrepparttar 148276 United States. The one that I pick out, shown endlessly during prime time viewing hours onrepparttar 148277 satellite channel of AXN, is called Fear Factor. This program is described by AXN on their website as:

“It's no holds barred on Fear Factor asrepparttar 148278 hit reality series returns withrepparttar 148279 promise of more gut-wrenching dares, more death-defying feats and more creative stunts as ordinary people face their most primal fears in another explosive season ……….…………… It's three fears to face, three stunts to complete and three steps away to a cash prize of up to US$50,000 in every episode of Fear Factor. Meet ordinary people inrepparttar 148280 most extraordinary situations, where their physical and psychological limits will be tested, all inrepparttar 148281 hope that they will berepparttar 148282 final one left standing atrepparttar 148283 end of each challenge”.

Sound good? Here is a program that combinesrepparttar 148284 dangled cash prize andrepparttar 148285 fame forrepparttar 148286 contestants. The fun part is when one can no longer takerepparttar 148287 program seriously. I have watched this program many times or flicked through upon realizing that AXN once again has nothing to offer viewers duringrepparttar 148288 evenings. This program is like Baywatch, watched seriously by males and femalesrepparttar 148289 world over because ofrepparttar 148290 promenaded bodies that flaunt tit and bum in a very unnatural way! There was no flabby lifeguard on Baywatch, no slow-witted flat-chested female sashaying acrossrepparttar 148291 beach to save a life! Fear Factor follows closely in this regard, allrepparttar 148292 female contestants seem to have breasts that struggle to be contained within their skimpy clothing andrepparttar 148293 males are all muscle-bound and short of a decent conversation. These are not ordinary people, what is served up here is a stage show that providesrepparttar 148294 three elements of requirement for today, fun, fame and fortune!

What will it be next?

Author and Webmaster of Seamania. As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

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