Carpal Tunnel Begins in Your Neck, Not Your Wrist

Written by Pamela Adams D.C.

If Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes from typing onrepparttar computer all day, why didn't people who typed on typewriters get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Because there was no computer screen to draw their heads forward, their chins tilted up, necks strained. Typewriters were placed lower than desks and typists tilted their heads down not forward. The culprit in Carpal Tunnel pain,repparttar 117222 Median nerve, exitsrepparttar 117223 spinal cord fromrepparttar 117224 lower part of your neck, travels through neck muscles underrepparttar 117225 collar bone torepparttar 117226 front of your shoulder bone, then makes its way down your arm, past your elbow to your wrist where it passes throughrepparttar 117227 Carpal Tunnel and into your hand.

That's a long way to go, andrepparttar 117228 nerve can be pinched anywhere alongrepparttar 117229 route causing pain in your wrist and numbness in your hand and fingers. The very first and most common place it gets pinched is in your neck. You can wear a wrist brace, buy wrist rests, get an ergonomically correct keyboard, take painkillers, or have surgery and it won't help until you changerepparttar 117230 position of your head when you work atrepparttar 117231 computer.

Of course, it's not only computer workers who suffer from Carpal Tunnel symptoms. According to research fromrepparttar 117232 Occupational Health Project atrepparttar 117233 University of Maryland, workers inrepparttar 117234 following occupations are most likely to developerepparttar 117235 syndrome: 1. Assembler 2. Laborer--non-construction 3. Packaging-and-filling-machine operators 4. Janitors and cleaners 5. Butchers and meat cutters 6. Data entry keyers What isrepparttar 117236 common-denominator among these occupations? Workers must hold their heads forward and down and reach forward with one or both arms repeatedly.

Learn to keep your head on straight, whatever you do. If your head is supported by your spinal column and notrepparttar 117237 poor, overworked muscles of your neck and upper back; if you position yourself so that you don't have to reach with your arm, you'll go along way towards relieving and preventing symptoms.

Organizing Your New Business, Without Losing It (Your Mind, That Is)..

Written by John Hessemer

Organizing Your New Business, Without Losing It (Your Mind, That Is). Copyright @ 2003, John Hessemer Webmaster @

Before rushing headlong into a new internet business, let's take a quick look at some ofrepparttar elements that are involved and how to get them setup and running. There are different elements involved for different businesses, so I am going to deal in generalities here.

Let's break it down intorepparttar 117221 most basic parts:

1. Research and Signup.

2. Setup.

3. Advertising.

Now let's break down these elements and figure out ways to organize them for easy future reference.

1. Signup.

First and foremost isrepparttar 117222 research necessary to be assured you are going intorepparttar 117223 right business for you. There are many types of internet businesses, and finding one you are interested in and enthused about is not alwaysrepparttar 117224 easiest thing, but vital to your eventual success.

A very important tool for any kind of research onrepparttar 117225 internet isrepparttar 117226 "BOOKMARK" or "FAVORITE" tool in your browser. It's very important to categorize your favorites into different folders so you will be able to find them again at a later date.

For instance you might want to start a folder called "Business Opporunities" to keep any good looking offers you come across while surfing in. You could further break down this category into "Self-Owned" and "Affiliate Programs". When you do decide to join a program, move it from "Business Opportunities" to "Business Ventures" usingrepparttar 117227 "organize" function in your browser.

Another good resourse to use while searching forrepparttar 117228 right business is one ofrepparttar 117229 "Scam Checker" services available free of charge onrepparttar 117230 internet. Following is a couple of them I have used to good advantage inrepparttar 117231 past: A newsletter available about scams.

2. Setup.

To get setup properly forrepparttar 117232 running of your business it is wise to keep everything pertaining to it in one location on your harddrive. This makes it much easier to find what you need when you need it.

You could start a "Business" directory and put folders in it forrepparttar 117233 various aspects ofrepparttar 117234 business. These again can be broken down into easier to locate sections such as "Hit Programs", "Affiliate Programs", "Promotional Tools", "My Businesses", etc.

Any venture you join should have it's own folder so you can easily find information you need inrepparttar 117235 everyday conduct of that business. Sub-folders could include "Advertising", "Links", etc.

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