Carpal Tunnel Begins in Your Neck, Not Your Wrist

Written by Pamela Adams D.C.

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Here are some suggestions for computer users: 1. The computer monitor must be placed directly in front of you. The top ofrepparttar monitor should be no higher than eye level. 2. Keyboards should be placed low, so that arms can hang at your sides with foreams at right angles to upper arms and wrists straight. 3. Feet are flat onrepparttar 117222 floor; weight is onrepparttar 117223 sitting bones. There should be a slight arch in your low back. 4. Your breastbone should be lifted, creating a lengthened space betweenrepparttar 117224 navel and breastbone. This brings your head back to an aligned position. 5. Placement ofrepparttar 117225 mouse should be a close torepparttar 117226 body as possible so there's no reaching. It's better to use a ball, because fingers are designed for small, precise movements, shoulders are not. 6. A timer set to ring every fifteen minutes or half-hour is a good way to check on your posture. 7. Sleep on your back, not sides, until symptoms subside. Use a flat, thin pillow.

The following exercise is meant to be done once every hour duringrepparttar 117227 day, and, lastly, in bed just before sleep: Lying on your back with hands clasped behind your head, elbows resting onrepparttar 117228 floor or bed, tuck your chin into your neck as if to make a double chin. Keepingrepparttar 117229 chin tucked in, gently press your head back into your hands. Hold for a count of ten. Then relax your chin and neck and take a couple of deep breaths. Do a total of three presses in a set. Do one set only every hour.

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Organizing Your New Business, Without Losing It (Your Mind, That Is)..

Written by John Hessemer

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3. Advertising.

This is of courserepparttar life blood of any business and probablyrepparttar 117221 hardest to organize. There are so many different aspects to to advertising and differing schedules that these aspects take place in.

When you first start in a business venture you are usually advised to take some time and get familiar withrepparttar 117222 website and and ad materials available to you. This is excellent advise but you should take it a step further and takerepparttar 117223 time to copyrepparttar 117224 ad material, catagorize it and save it to a folder insiderepparttar 117225 folder for that business. That way, when you start to advertise your business you will not have to go searching forrepparttar 117226 information you need.

In your advertising folder you could have a notepad document with "Text Ads", one with "Banners", one with "Ezine Ads", "Solo Ads", etc. This method keeps everything you need at your finger- tips and also gives you consistancy in your advertising.

Different types of advertising need to be placed at different times on, different schedules and yet need to be tended on a regular basis in order to be effective. A good way to do this is also with a notepad document. When you place an ad, takerepparttar 117227 time to note where and when it was placed, when it needs to be placed again, andrepparttar 117228 ad campaign that was used.

A simple scheduling program could also be used to keep track of when and where ads need to serviced. If you takerepparttar 117229 time to setup a scheduling program and go to it daily to remind yourself of what needs attention that day, your time will be used much more effectively and you won't neglect any ofrepparttar 117230 many aspects that need to be used.

This is by no means a complete list of what needs to be done to be successful in a business venture, but is intended to get you off onrepparttar 117231 right foot fromrepparttar 117232 start.

To Your Success,

John Hessemer

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John Hessemer publishes "Generating Income Streams Today" Newsletter, a fresh and information packed newsletter dedicated to providing support to home-based business people. For the "Best Rated" bizops, helpful tools and hints and a friend in the business, get a F-R-E-E subscription today at:

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