Writing Sales letters Full of OOMPH!

Written by Maitiu MacCabe

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And we hand writerepparttar salutation. Another little touch which tells our readers they really exist for us. Troublesome, yes, but look atrepparttar 147248 financial return.

The P.S. Along withrepparttar 147249 headline, if people read nothing else they will generally readrepparttar 147250 PS! The PS is an essential part of sales letters and every letter should have one. (The equivalent in an email isrepparttar 147251 "signature".....a subtle sales message with a call to action which should be contained automatically in email that leaves your office).

Your P.S. should containrepparttar 147252 biggest Promise, Value, Benefit, Guarantee, or Merit thatrepparttar 147253 reader will receive in return for readingrepparttar 147254 letter and taking some action. - and it must have value for them..

Lead Paragraph / sentence. By now if you still have your reader, you need to firmly hook them to readrepparttar 147255 remainder of your letter. How? By ensuring that your lead para/ sentence containsrepparttar 147256 biggest Promise, Value, Benefit, Guarantee, or Merit thatrepparttar 147257 reader will receive in return for readingrepparttar 147258 letter and taking some action-the MWR- your Most Wanted Response. If you can persuade your reader to get as far as this, they are likely highly interested and will readrepparttar 147259 complete letter.

Body ofrepparttar 147260 Sales letter Notice that EVERYTHING so far is focussed on your reader? Nothing at all about yourself yet. Excellent! Until your readers are hooked in something of high value to themselves, you and your service are unimportant. Didn't you learn that in Selling Basics? I know, it just slipped your mind for a moment.

The body of your letter is where you give your readerrepparttar 147261 essential facts and information. It can be relatively straightforward, as your reader now wants this information. Remember to use short paragraphs, sub headings, and bullet points to highlight certain aspects for them. Words and language arerepparttar 147262 tools of your trade so each word, phrase, and sentence must be examined for its "word picture" impact on your reader. Too many so- called sales letters are informative, but can be negative in persuading us to giverepparttar 147263 MWR. Litmus Test: If I suggested that something was "cheap" what would you automatically associate withrepparttar 147264 item? See what I mean. Words such as "shoddy", "inferior", "poor quality" probably popped into your mind. Yet recently, I received a mailer withrepparttar 147265 headline: "We makerepparttar 147266 CHEAPEST shock absorbers in town!" Dustbin! Every word in your letter, mailer, or web page must be crafted to do a job for you. Understanding that every word generates a meaning or a picture in your reader's mind, each word must be tested for relevance. You don't really want me to believe that you make shoddy shock absorbers, do you?

Long copy works If you have hooked your reader and they want information, there is no need to confine your letter to being a one pager. Long copy works. If possible though, arrange to break your sentences in midstream atrepparttar 147267 page turnover stage, with a "(cot'd next page") indicator..... preferably on a juicy point you are making.

The 12 most persuasive words inrepparttar 147268 English language A study conducted at UCLA (1988) showsrepparttar 147269 following to berepparttar 147270 most persuasive words inrepparttar 147271 English language: You, Free, Discover, Proven, Save, Health, Safe, Love, Value, Extra, New, Announcing. And if these arerepparttar 147272 most persuasive words in our language, what arerepparttar 147273 implications for you when writing sales letters designed to garner an MWR? In your headlines, P.S.'s, lead paragraphs, and body copy use these "magic words" to generate positive images and associations in your reader's minds and you will greatly increase your chances of getting your MWR.

So much expense is wasted on fancy four colour glossy brochures that failrepparttar 147274 most important test. They fail to getrepparttar 147275 MWR. Words sell! If oyou owuld really like ot understand this, here is repparttar 147276 biggest favour I'll do for you. Download this book and learn to to dorepparttar 147277 business! "Make Your Words Sell!" is incontestablyrepparttar 147278 best book onrepparttar 147279 topic of writing forrepparttar 147280 web/ email/ direct salesletters,. Highly recommended if you want to write sparkling targeted copy. Check it out here: http://myws.sitesell.com/GEC.html

And you must ask for action in every letter. "Act now", "For a limited time only", "Respond today". Make it easy for them to get back to you.

Golden rules of Direct Response: 40 % of response comes fromrepparttar 147281 value and desirability of your offer. 40 % of your response comes from making your offer torepparttar 147282 right target audience. 20% comes fromrepparttar 147283 creative "packaging " of your offer.

Resources: If you really wish to write copy that sells, "Make Your Words Sell"...... http://myws.sitesell.com/GEC.html ......isrepparttar 147284 Bible. Particularly strong on understanding your customer's mindset and how to appeal to it. And great information on making your words do their selling job. Check this out, even if you do not wish to purchase. This book includes two extra books - "How to write anE-book", and "The 333 most persuasive words in English" (categorised) http://myws.sitesell.com/GEC.html And for Those Selling a Service... or Could Be! It's *THE* Most Overlooked Opportunity onrepparttar 147285 Net. Build an ever-growing client base until you can say... "I'm sorry... I'm not taking new clients." A Theme-Based Content Site is perfect because every personal service revolves around a theme. DL this 306 page Free book to your desktop. (PDF file zipped) It seriously over -delivers, and will focus your thinking about your personal service business big time. http://service-selling.sitesell.com/GEC.html Copywriting: Jennifer Stewart is a master ofrepparttar 147286 English language. If you'd like learn how to give your business writing/ letters, / web pages/ direct mailers a selling makeover, her site is well worthrepparttar 147287 click!

You can reach her here: http://www.write101.com/cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=maitiu

About the author Maitiu MacCabe is the CEO of Great Expectations Coaching, a Dublin, Ireland, based coaching practice. Visit: http://www.greatexpectationscoaching.com for a wide range of articles related to personal selling and business matters.

Should I stop wasting my salespeople on prospecting?

Written by Mark Brandon

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more time in front of qualified prospects selling and less time pursing marginal leads. As a result,repparttar top salespeople close more sales, whilerepparttar 147247 company experiences an increase in revenue. Secondly,repparttar 147248 qualified professional appointment setter is doing what they do best – cold calling to set qualified appointments. The separation of appointment setting and outside selling creates specialization and an increase in revenue. In addition this approach furnishesrepparttar 147249 outside sales force with a consistent pipeline of qualified leads and appointments furnished byrepparttar 147250 professional appointment setters. To further investigate this model; please feel free to investigaterepparttar 147251 fastest growing companies inrepparttar 147252 Fortune 500, Global 3,000 companies and Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies. You will discoverrepparttar 147253 implementation of “The Modern Sales Management Model” is common to most successful organizations. Think about it. It does make sense. Why not take action today and gain market share?

Mark is CEO of Blue Zebra Appointment Setting, www.bluezebraappointmentsetting.com. He has trained thousands of salespeople over the past 25 years. He also wrote “The Sales Managers Interviewing Questions & Hiring Guide”, and is a motivational speaker for national, regional and annual sales meetings.

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