Writing Sales letters Full of OOMPH!

Written by Maitiu MacCabe

Do you feel frustrated atrepparttar lack of response to your sales letters? Do you avoid devising mailers because they are a "waste of time and effort"? Writing sales letters is an art that everyone can learn. It is an essential skill for sellers, asrepparttar 147248 selling letter must dorepparttar 147249 job we ourselves would do if we were present with our customer. You would not drop a brochure on your customer's desk and say nothing! And yet, that is what many sales letters effectively do. They TELL a lot, but SELL nothing.

Why do we talk of "junk mail" in derogatory terms? "Straight intorepparttar 147250 dustbin" isrepparttar 147251 usual comment. In fact, this beliesrepparttar 147252 fact of how we handle direct mail. Research byrepparttar 147253 DMA-UK shows that 69% of business people read direct mail, and 81% of homeowners read theirs. Moreover, when you know how to harvest it, you can reaprepparttar 147254 benefit of this potentially huge readership.

Why does direct mail suffer from such bad press? Mainly becauserepparttar 147255 letters tell us what they want to tell us, irrespective of what we might want to hear.

Let's look at direct mail fromrepparttar 147256 receiver's point of view, show you exactly how direct mail is handled when received, and show you how to garner more attention for your offers, and better response rates if you are looking for an action from your reader. How is it read? Do we automatically throw direct mail shots inrepparttar 147257 bin? Actually, we don't. Considerrepparttar 147258 last piece of direct mail you received. You looked atrepparttar 147259 envelope. Your name was spelt correctly- or you got a little irritated that it was incorrectly spelt. You openedrepparttar 147260 envelope.

Consciously or otherwise, you are likely to have scanned (in order): * The logo ofrepparttar 147261 sender * The spelling of your name and address. Your job title. * The headline ofrepparttar 147262 letter * The signature ofrepparttar 147263 sender * The P.S. * The first sentence ofrepparttar 147264 lead paragraph.

By now, over 95% of readers will have lost interest at some stage, and your letter is on its way torepparttar 147265 dustbin.

Lets' look at these elements and see how we lose them, and how you can better hold and focus your reader's attention.

Company logo

Not much there to lose a reader you may think. However, if you have had a bad experience withrepparttar 147266 sending companyrepparttar 147267 mere sight of their logo can be a major turn off. Personally, any letter from Hewlett Packard gets my immediate thumbs down, due to an horrendous experience with one of their printers a couple of years ago. Nobody at HP would take any responsibility for solvingrepparttar 147268 problem. It took over seven months to get a refund on a printer that was faulty from day one. Good-bye and thank you!

Customer name & address. There is NOTHING that drives people nutsrepparttar 147269 way a misspelling of their name does.

As a sales coach and trainer I have learned this lessonrepparttar 147270 hard way. The slightest error on a name card, say, and out comesrepparttar 147271 pen to correct it. Kathleen with a "K" or a "C". Stephen with a "ph" or a "v". Anne, with or without an "e" onrepparttar 147272 end. Our given name isrepparttar 147273 thing that distinguishes us as individuals. We love it. We can't resistrepparttar 147274 sound of it. A man named Tony will pay little attention to a shout of "Jack", but call his name and he is genetically programmed to respond. He will search forrepparttar 147275 source ofrepparttar 147276 sound. He will tell those around him to quieten.

Whenrepparttar 147277 sale letter starts "Dear customer" or "Dear fellow gardener" you know you are one ofrepparttar 147278 lucky 50,000 people getting this letter today. I'm only a number, a category. Where's that dustbin?

Personalise and go to whatever lengths it takes in order to spell your recipient's name, title and address correctly.


This is one ofrepparttar 147279 major milestones and isrepparttar 147280 death of many mailers.

Suppose you pay an electricity / gas bill each month. You have received a letter fromrepparttar 147281 utility company andrepparttar 147282 headline reads: "Are electricity prices causing you panic attacks? Reduce your bill by 25% per month". Intorepparttar 147283 dustbin? I don't think so, becauserepparttar 147284 headline grabs you! Cost is a concern of every electricity bill payer. "Special FREE offer to previous Dell computer owners". You are a Dell user. Dustbin? Naaaah! Let's see what they are offering. Yes, we know it's a sales letter, but let's check anyway.

Your headline must spell outrepparttar 147285 biggest Promise, Value, Benefit, Guarantee, or Merit thatrepparttar 147286 reader will receive in return for readingrepparttar 147287 letter and taking some action. Andrepparttar 147288 headline must have impact! It must appeal to THIS reader. (See "Magic words" below for content ideas). Even better if your headline incorporatesrepparttar 147289 Problem,repparttar 147290 Solution, andrepparttar 147291 Target Audience inrepparttar 147292 headline. People are focussed on problems! Definerepparttar 147293 target's key problem and offer a solution combined for big impact. "Do you find it difficult to find maternity clothes that really fit? Here is your answer" Problem, solution, target audience. Your target readers will want to know what it is about.

Notes for Email: Headlines Think about this. You open your Outlook Express inrepparttar 147294 morning and maybe a hundred emails are downloaded. How do you decide which ninety five emails to zap? Simple. You base it onrepparttar 147295 content of each Subject Line!

Therefore, if you wish to have your selling email opened by others,repparttar 147296 Subject Line becomesrepparttar 147297 most important part ofrepparttar 147298 whole email! Getting your email opened byrepparttar 147299 recipient may be your toughest task. Pay as much attention to your email subject line as you would torepparttar 147300 construction an advertisement headline (and you usually pay a pro to do that for you)....See notes above on headlines.

Signature of Sender

Again, apparently not that important. But how convinced are you byrepparttar 147301 guy who signsrepparttar 147302 Reader's Digest letters- "Tom Champagne". You think this is a real man? You innocent old thing. Our company sends out approximately 1200 pieces of direct mail once every six weeks and I insist that each one is personally signed with my name. (I do my share, but our staff members dorepparttar 147303 bulk ofrepparttar 147304 signing). Each $1000 we invest in direct mail returns approximately $13000 in revenue. Real people signing in real ink is, I believe, an important element inrepparttar 147305 success of this initiative.

Should I stop wasting my salespeople on prospecting?

Written by Mark Brandon

Yes, many companies have realizedrepparttar cost effectiveness of outsourcing their appointment setting and lead generation needs. By implementing “The Modern Sales Management Model”, which has been employed by many national sales organizations, many companies have doubled or tripled their revenue. The key to this model isrepparttar 147247 separation of cold calling, lead generation and appointment setting fromrepparttar 147248 actual face-to-face selling performed by an outside sales force. Many benefits are realized from using this model. First,repparttar 147249 laser beam focus of each function allows both teams of professionals to specialize. The top salespeople are left to do what they do best – use their knowledge capital, top-notch communication, presentation, negotiating and closing skills to close deals. Since 93% of all outside salespeople hate or dislike cold calling withrepparttar 147250 telephone, they perform poorly. By outsourcingrepparttar 147251 cold calling,repparttar 147252 outside sales team is using their time and skills more effectively. They spend

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