Women Own Weddings!

Written by Ed Williams

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Personally, if I were single and getting married tomorrow, I would forgo a traditional wedding and opt for getting married on a cruise ship. And no, not because of allrepparttar nice placesrepparttar 118063 ship would take me, but because getting married on a cruise ship means thatrepparttar 118064 honeymoon begins just as soon as you walk back to your cabin. The honeymoon isrepparttar 118065 highlight ofrepparttar 118066 whole marriage service forrepparttar 118067 male, and also happens to berepparttar 118068 item that he typically has to waitrepparttar 118069 longest to enjoy, so getting married on a cruise ship eliminates this particular problem.

In conclusion, ladies, please don’t get too hacked off at me because of these observations - as much happiness as y’all bring into men’s lives,repparttar 118070 least we men can do is endurerepparttar 118071 before noted horrors ofrepparttar 118072 marriage ceremony itself. All in all, a couple of hours of torture vs. getting to spendrepparttar 118073 rest of your life with a lovely woman is well worth it all inrepparttar 118074 end. Well, well worth it all unless your bride has an old maid aunt with whiskers who wants to give you a big ole kiss when you run up on her inrepparttar 118075 reception line...

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April Fool's Day

Written by Birmingham UK Com

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There have been many hoaxes and some famous mistakes by media corporations in reporting stories in error. There are also several April Fool’s Day spoofs onrepparttar internet. Sometimes these seemingly innocent pranks can cause financial damage or panic when things are taken too far.

In Birmingham on April 1st 1986, a group of students became convinced thatrepparttar 105582 Black plague had returned torepparttar 105583 city. Such wasrepparttar 105584 level of confusion and clever manipulation of a drama class and its students, that hospitals inrepparttar 105585 city were put on full alert and 900 students were sent home byrepparttar 105586 governor. The full scale ofrepparttar 105587 hoax was not revealed untilrepparttar 105588 following day when embarrassed school committee members facedrepparttar 105589 media and issued an apology to parents.

In 2001 Birmingham Council became embroiled in an April Fool’s Day conspiracy involving Pebble Mill onrepparttar 105590 Bristol Road. They received what they thought was official notification fromrepparttar 105591 BBC of severe structural damage torepparttar 105592 BBC building, caused they were informed by a severe earth tremor. The council acted swiftly and informedrepparttar 105593 BBC that it had secured space inrepparttar 105594 Mailbox for all ofrepparttar 105595 BBC staff and studio teams. This particular hoax was only discovered onrepparttar 105596 day ofrepparttar 105597 move when Birmingham County Council received a fax message which simply read ‘ April Fools’ and was accompanied by a fax message ofrepparttar 105598 original notification. Michael Johnson, Assistant Director was questioned by Channel 4 in an embarrassing fiasco where Johnson looked bewildered and confused and clearly had no knowledge of events leading torepparttar 105599 change of location ofrepparttar 105600 BBC headquarters in Birmingham.

April Fool’s Day is illegal inrepparttar 105601 Peoples Republic of China, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Alaska, Cuba and Bolivia.


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