Women Own Weddings!

Written by Ed Williams

This week we’re going to coverrepparttar subject of weddings fromrepparttar 118063 man’s point of view....

That’s right, this week we’re gonna cover weddings fromrepparttar 118064 man’s point of view. And why not? It’s June, right? The big wedding month? Well, okay then, let’s get down to business. Of allrepparttar 118065 activities or events that there are out there, one ofrepparttar 118066 most feminine dominated ones are wedding ceremonies. Okay, laugh if you will, make allrepparttar 118067 comments you want about how weddings are for bothrepparttar 118068 man and woman, and then sit back and answerrepparttar 118069 following questions to see if I’m not hittin’ it dead onrepparttar 118070 target...

What gender typically directsrepparttar 118071 wedding ceremony?

Whose preacher typically conductsrepparttar 118072 wedding ceremony?

Who is ninety plus percent ofrepparttar 118073 crowd there to see,repparttar 118074 about-to-be new husband orrepparttar 118075 about-to-be new wife?

Who benefits most fromrepparttar 118076 bridal registry?

Which gender most enjoys dressing up forrepparttar 118077 ceremony, and which gender’s feet hurt for days afterwards on account of having to wear black leather shoes with triple thick soles?

Whose wedding clothing is preserved for posterity afterwards, and whose is immediately taken back torepparttar 118078 rental place?

(..and here’s one to see if y’all are still paying attention) What gender typically pays forrepparttar 118079 whole ceremony?

See what I mean? And it gets even worse forrepparttar 118080 poor man involved. A guy who has a zillion girlfriends can announce one day that he’s found someone to marry, and everyone will laugh and wonder why he’s bothering to go through with a wedding at all, sort ofrepparttar 118081 “why buy a cow....” type analogy. But, let a woman live with a man for ten years and then announce that she’s marrying him and having a big ceremony, well, no one will say ten words aboutrepparttar 118082 insanity of it all, in fact, it‘s usually applauded. Why? But it gets even worse for us males -repparttar 118083 man, right afterrepparttar 118084 ceremony, will be whisked away along with his new bride over torepparttar 118085 wedding reception. This will typically be a super nice, catered affair, and one thatrepparttar 118086 man has somewhat looked forward to as he has had to starve himself for several hours prior torepparttar 118087 ceremony (he can’t have noises rumbling out of his stomach for everyone to hear whilerepparttar 118088 vows are being recited, you know). As soon as he gets a little plate of food and readies himself for some much needed nutrition, he’ll be hemmed up by some of his new bride’s relatives and told to “be good to her,” or “treat her like we always did,” and my all-time personal favorite, “we’ll be keeping an eye on you.” Whatrepparttar 118089 male discovers overrepparttar 118090 next few years is that most ofrepparttar 118091 relatives who made these statements are either unemployed, struggling with substance abuse problems, or else follow religions involvingrepparttar 118092 handling of dangerous reptiles. Of course, in all fairness, all families have their share of drunks and losers, but for some reasonrepparttar 118093 new bride’s deadbeat ones want to dole out lots of advice torepparttar 118094 groom right afterrepparttar 118095 wedding. I guess that’s because they realize thatrepparttar 118096 man will soon discoverrepparttar 118097 true scoop, and as a result they’ll never be able to give out any advice again, so they have to take full advantage of their one good chance to do so.

April Fool's Day

Written by Birmingham UK Com

April Fool’s Day originates from Germany. It is believed to berepparttar brain child of Gabriel Hoffman who lived in Damstadt duringrepparttar 105582 1860’s. The day is celebrated in many countries withrepparttar 105583 execution of elaborate practical jokes on unsuspecting victims. April 1st isrepparttar 105584 accepted date for April Fool’s Day when both simple and very sophisticated jokes are known to catch outrepparttar 105585 unwary orrepparttar 105586 gullible.

There is evidence of a similar day inrepparttar 105587 Gregorian calendar of 1582 and even as far back as ancient Rome whenrepparttar 105588 practice would have been observed on New Years Day. Originally April Fool’s Day jokes typically would have involved sending a person on a ridiculous errand. A builders merchant might send an apprentice to obtain some sky hooks or a long wait ( weight ) and embarrass them after a period of time withrepparttar 105589 utterance ofrepparttar 105590 words April Fool.

It is tradition forrepparttar 105591 jokes or pranks to end by noon. Carrying out an April Fool’s Day joke on someone after this time is said to bring bad luck. Overrepparttar 105592 years there have been some very elaborate hoaxes even by large TV corporations. The BBC managed to convince its audience in 1957 that Swiss farmers were enjoying a bumper spaghetti crop. They showed footage of spaghetti growing on trees and were inundated with calls fromrepparttar 105593 general public asking for advice on growing spaghetti. The BBC even hadrepparttar 105594 audacity to suggest placing a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce to assist its growth.

April 1st is not an officially recognised holiday or event but it is practised regularly inrepparttar 105595 UK. Prince Charles has been reported to have enjoyed April 1st when until as recently as 2003 he would cause havoc at Buckingham Palace where his favourite trick was to place a whoopee cushion underrepparttar 105596 bottoms of Royalty, including his mothers – Queen Elizabeth!

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