Why web hosts and ISPs need web site monitoring

Written by David Leonhardt

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Web site monitoring is good customer relations

If it costs up to ten times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one, independent web site monitoring can help you keep those precious customers.

Nothing is more frustrating forrepparttar end-user than to have her site down and nothing is more embarrassing for an ISP to receive a call from customer about a downtime, especially if it is related to a connectivity issuerepparttar 134323 hosting company or ISP is not even aware of.

An external monitoring network can alert an ISP or web host immediately to problems that often cannot be detected by internal monitoring, allowingrepparttar 134324 company to addressrepparttar 134325 issue immediately…and hopefully before a customer even notices that a problem exists.

Monitoring cutsrepparttar 134326 burden of dispute resolution

Corporate hosting clients and Internet access customers often expect certain levels of service and enter into an SLA (service level agreement). Often, SLA contracts impose fines on ISPs and web hosts who do not meetrepparttar 134327 targets. Determining how those levels are measured can be difficult, but an independent, third-party monitoring service can easily resolve disputes before they begin.

Dotcom-Monitor is among those services that provides an added SLA reporting function, which can be seen at http://www.dotcom-monitor.com/service-level-agreement.asp . Bothrepparttar 134328 host or ISP andrepparttar 134329 client can viewrepparttar 134330 reports, and reporting intervals can be set based onrepparttar 134331 terms ofrepparttar 134332 SLA contract.

While every web site can benefit from some form of monitoring, no class of business needs morerepparttar 134333 credibility of an independent monitoring service as much as those who provide access torepparttar 134334 Internet for their clients: ISPs and web hosting companies.

David Leonhardt is a freelance writer and SEO consultant in Canada. He wrote this article for his Web Site and Network Monitoring client. Read more information about web site monitoring or about network monitoring.

Australian Web Hosting

Written by Ian Bruce

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Ian Bruce is the Creative Director of Blue Square Media in Brisbane, Australia. He has been involved in the internet since the 1990's.

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