Why web hosts and ISPs need web site monitoring

Written by David Leonhardt

Why web hosts and ISPs need web site monitoring By David Leonhardt

If you have spent much time earning a living onrepparttar Internet, few things will surprise you. However, I am always amazed with how many companies and individuals make astounding claims without backing them up.

Web hosts and ISPs make such claims allrepparttar 134323 time: 99% uptime. Some web hosts post on their site live results of their uptime from a third-party web site monitoring company. However, those hosts are very few.

Here are four reasons why every web host and ISP (Internet service provider) should post uptime and connectivity statistics from an independent, third-party web site monitoring firm, with an external monitoring network.

Monitoring reports are excellent marketing tools

This isrepparttar 134324 most obvious reason a web host or ISP should post monitoring reports on their site. Donít tell me you have 99% uptime. Evenrepparttar 134325 worst hosting companies and ISPs can make that claim, but it does not make it true. Prove it to me. Posting a report right on your home page, or posting a link torepparttar 134326 report up front onrepparttar 134327 home page tells me you not only can make claims, but you can deliver!

Make sure to post your uptime statistics forrepparttar 134328 last day, week, month and year, sorepparttar 134329 customers know you are in it forrepparttar 134330 tong haul.

Web site monitoring reduces technical support work-load

A recent review by Dotcom-Monitor reveals that accessibility calls to a web hostís technical support can be reduced by 30% just by postingrepparttar 134331 current status ofrepparttar 134332 web site as reported by an independent monitoring service.

Often a user will call technical support if he encounters a slow Internet connection or download times, dial-up problems, web site accessibility or various computer issues. Users assumerepparttar 134333 problem is with their web host or their ISP, and call technical support to fixrepparttar 134334 problem, even ifrepparttar 134335 problem is on their computer.

Real time independent connectivity reports eliminaterepparttar 134336 need for such calls in many cases, by showing whatrepparttar 134337 status ofrepparttar 134338 site is. A sample report at http://www.dotcom-monitor.com/reporting-card.asp gives an idea of how this works.

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