Where To Buy Your e-Book Covers

Written by Dan J. Fry

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(1) Killer Covers e-Book covers designed specifically for your product at $117. They also design software boxes and e-zine covers. I recommend taking a look atrepparttar samples. Very professional results. http://www.killercovers.com

(2) eBook Cover Art This is not software but a service. $99 for a professionally designed e-book cover. Nice graphics butrepparttar 108383 site is rather unconvincing. http://www.ebook-cover-art.com

(3) Dynamite Covers Professionally designed covers starting at $99.95. This company is owned by Simon Grabowski, CEO of GetResponse autoresponder, Implix Corp. After processing your payment online you are taken to a form which will let you choose your style and provide more personal information such as title, your name, business/product topic, etc. The guarantee a cover in 5 days or less fromrepparttar 108384 date of order. Booklets, newsletters, web-based membership cards, CD and video boxes, and tapes are all available. Your finished cover is sent to you as an optimized graphic by either e-mail or overrepparttar 108385 web. http://www.dynamitecovers.com

(4) Perfect Covers Covers designed on an individual basis, starting at $87. You can choose from e-book, report, or e-zine cover, software box, report cover, membership card. In 3d you can request multiple sizes. For a flat 2d image you receiverepparttar 108386 graphic in three different sizes. You can receive add-ons such as a matching web site header for an additional cost. http://www.perfectcovers.com

(5) Max Covers e-Book covers and e-book mini-site graphics all in a single package for $149.99. The package includes a 3d image of your cover in three different sizes, matching mini-site header, matching order button, a 2d cover image, a matching footer image, and a matching background image for your site. Site owned by and design work by Max Rylski. Two years experience in site and graphic design. He offers a 72 hour turnaround time onrepparttar 108387 first draft of your cover. One very nice bonus is that he includesrepparttar 108388 cover design Photoshop files along withrepparttar 108389 fonts used just in case you need to modify anything at a later date. http://www.maxcovers.com

(6) Absolute Covers Will design e-book, cd, e-zine and magazine covers as well as covers for reports and such. You must contact them for a free quote. Offers anywhere from 48 hour to 5 days for a finished product. You don't have to pay until you are satisfied with your product. Quite unheard of in this business. You will also get a banner image, order button, a basic web site template, a 2d image of your cover, and a matching icon. http://www.absolutecovers.com/5/index.php

Unless you knew aboutrepparttar 108390 contents of a book prior to purchasing it, would you buy a book with a torn, faded, or even blank cover? I am betting you will say no. I knowrepparttar 108391 title would need to be very compelling to convince me to purchase. This is why it's important to have a professional design for your info product cover. Onrepparttar 108392 inside its content that matters. But to stimulate a sense of credibility, you need to 'tickle'repparttar 108393 visual appeal.

Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of e-Kinetic.com, a site devoted to providing resources for small budget home businesses. He has a PhD in Physics and is married with two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his free E-Zine on home business resources at mailto:e-kinetic@GetResponse.com or by visiting his Home Business Infopreneur Resources and Tips site.

Death by Workers' Compensation "The Bleeding Rose"

Written by D.A. Hougaard

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“Officer, she is onrepparttar other line at a pay phone on Rich Street . “ Anthony toldrepparttar 108382 officer. “Keep her onrepparttar 108383 phone because we can tracerepparttar 108384 call back to you, do it now!” The officer instructed him. Anthony clicked back his call waiting to Alex. “Alex! Talk to me, they are trying to find you but you got to stay onrepparttar 108385 phone with me….Alex.” Anthony was telling Alex that they would tracerepparttar 108386 number back from their home and back to her. Anthony was trying to reassure Alex everything was going to be ok. “I am coming home, I can’t wait…I am bleeding….I am so….tired. I want to come home…be there…to help me, but be there….” Alex hung uprepparttar 108387 phone. Anthony was beside himself. He clicked back torepparttar 108388 officer. “Officer she hung up, she said she is going to drive home.” Anthony stated. “It is okay, we have finishedrepparttar 108389 trace torepparttar 108390 phone she is at. However, it would not do us any good if she were trying to drive to you. What is she driving?” The officer asked. Anthony gaverepparttar 108391 route she normally takes, he explained,repparttar 108392 car make, model and license number. For all he could do for now is wait for her to come to him, or be called she had an accident.  Shaken, he grabbed his sweater and his phones and went out intorepparttar 108393 parking lot to see if he could see her coming. Pacing up and downrepparttar 108394 parking lot, he saw police car with their lights and sirens going and then her car, then two more police cars one in front one torepparttar 108395 right side of her and one inrepparttar 108396 back. They were turning intorepparttar 108397 parking lotrepparttar 108398 police officer pulled on one side of her carrepparttar 108399 others followed uprepparttar 108400 rear. Police, plus Anthony were all running towardsrepparttar 108401 car........ Questions you need to ask yourself: Did Alex have her baby? Did it survive? Did Alex surviverepparttar 108402 lost of blood... The book is well worthrepparttar 108403 read. It hasrepparttar 108404 actual depositions of each party involved.  It is heart breaking, it will make you anger at what lengths big business go to save a buck? What games didrepparttar 108405 insurance company play withrepparttar 108406 Marshall's?

Born in Oregon year 1950. Reside in Florida with husband and family. Worked twenty three years in telecommunication, injured and now write for a living, on worker comp and children's books. Also display other authors books via my site. Enjoy cooking, children,movies,music, reading and long walks on the beach.

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