Where To Buy Your e-Book Covers

Written by Dan J. Fry

Visual appeal isrepparttar first step toward making a sale online. People have a great ability to scan a web page quickly before reading anything about a site. Its important to capitalize on this aspect by providing a great visual stimulus. e-Book cover art has come a long way inrepparttar 108383 past 5 years. High density graphics can really make your product stand out, labeling it with a high degree of professionalism and credibility.

Throughoutrepparttar 108384 course of my research intorepparttar 108385 best design tools I have uncovered thatrepparttar 108386 saying "you get what you pay for" holds all too true with cover design. Here is a review of my results. It is broken down into two categories: (1)software, and; (2) design services.


If you perform a search on Google of e-book covers there really is only a few software products that dominaterepparttar 108387 first few pages of results.

(1) eCover Generator by Armand Morin The cost, $97, is aboutrepparttar 108388 price of some personally designed single covers. It isrepparttar 108389 first major player is eCover software. You can create 2d and 3d book and software boxes, and recent upgrades enable you to create cd and spiral notebook covers as well. No other software needed to use eCover Generator. Armand is giving away 6 other e-books with purchase. Very professional looking samples created with this software. Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP compatible. http://www.ecovergenerator.com

(2) eBook Cover Central This is actually a mix between templates and design service, not software. They will design your cover starting at $39.95. This is not a bad price considering some charge upwards of $100. You also receive three different images sizes of your design. Template packages start at $9.95 for 25 pre-made templates. You only need to insert your text and any other pictures that you wish to have onrepparttar 108390 cover. For $49.95 you can purchase a lifetime Gallery membership, entitling you to over 540 images and templates. http://www.ebookcovercentral.com

(3) Cover Software Pro This software, priced at $97, is actually a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. So, you need to have it (~$200) in order to userepparttar 108391 software to create your cover. It also comes with a 40 minute instructional video on usingrepparttar 108392 software to design not only covers but entire web sites. The samples displayed atrepparttar 108393 site look quite nice. Apart from having to purchase Photoshop, this appears to be a good deal. http://www.coversoftware.com

(4) Online Web Creations offering free covers without text. All images are fixed. There is a link through their site to a utility for adding text. Fairly limited but it is free. These are notrepparttar 108394 highest quality images, but I suppose you get what you pay for! http://www.onlinewebcreations.com/ebooks.html

Design Services

There are more companies offering services to design and produce a one time cover than there are software products. I cannot tell one fromrepparttar 108395 other. All appear to produce quality products. I also am not sure what they use as graphical software, but I imagine it is something alongrepparttar 108396 lines of Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio, Micrographix, or something similar.

Death by Workers' Compensation "The Bleeding Rose"

Written by D.A. Hougaard

Excerpt of Death By Workers' Compensation "The Bleeding Rose"  In this Excerptrepparttar time that has lapsed is over an hour afterrepparttar 108382 accident. What you are about to read will sicken you and make you wonder why no charges were ever pressed and why this man was not arrested for his part in destroying another person's life, let alone possibly destroying a unborn child's. Alex is seven and half months pregnant. The man who injured her, basically throughoutrepparttar 108383 client who sawrepparttar 108384 injury he enacted out on Alex. The client Mr. Foxworth waited. inrepparttar 108385 parking lot for help to arrive and give his statement torepparttar 108386 police.... Fromrepparttar 108387 loss of blood..... Alex sat drifting in and out of conscious. She needed to lie down because her head was spinning. Alex knew that it was getting late because it was close to 6 PM whenrepparttar 108388 accident occurred. It had to be close to 7 P.M . She felt very cold. She did not understand why she felt cold becauserepparttar 108389 weatherperson onrepparttar 108390 morning news said it was suppose to be inrepparttar 108391 high 90’s. Alex started hearing voices of other workers leaving. That is when her senses came rolling back on her like a wave over takingrepparttar 108392 shore. She knew, she was bleeding, it was apparent that she was on her own. There was no Gary - no police - no 911. Alex startedrepparttar 108393 car. Pulling out ofrepparttar 108394 parking lot to go home, she turned left noticing there were several phones acrossrepparttar 108395 street. Thanking God above, allrepparttar 108396 phone booths inrepparttar 108397 city had been replace by car level systems. Straining to seerepparttar 108398 numbers onrepparttar 108399 phone pad, Alex was able to dial her home number after numerous attempts. Anthony picked up immediately. “Alex! Where are you?” Anthony was asking with allrepparttar 108400 calm he could muster, he sounded scared. “In my car… Gary put me in my car….he left… never called paramedic or police…he left me….Anthony I’m cold, very cold…..help me.” Alex told him. “Honey, stay onrepparttar 108401 phone;repparttar 108402 police are onrepparttar 108403 other line, they will help find you okay? Do you know where you are?’” Anthony begged. “Ok …ok it is Rich Street , somewhere.” Alex said. Anthony was not sure Alex was going to stay with him. He told herrepparttar 108404 police were onrepparttar 108405 other line. He told her to wait, to stay onrepparttar 108406 line.

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