What your favorite thong says about you and flowers!

Written by Fay Barrow

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Red Thong: You are passionate you love roses you arerepparttar kind of woman that will bringrepparttar 132220 Prince Charming out in a man. You are alsorepparttar 132221 kind of friend who gets called first with news-big or small. Despite your wide social circle and busy agenda, you have a secret need for alone time and you will sometimes even feel a little shy.

Yellow Thong: You thrive on change. You are always dreaming up some way to improve yours and your family’s lives. But just asrepparttar 132222 tulips you love blooms inrepparttar 132223 same spot each year, deep down inside, you are often content with what you have.

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Written by Candas Emcioglu

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What is being criticized is notrepparttar desire to have a healthy work environment, but Weyco’s exploitation ofrepparttar 132218 word “healthy”. If companies are that concerned about providing a healthy environment to their employees, then, they should showrepparttar 132219 same sensitivity that they have for tobacco usage to other health related factors such as office ergonomics, food quality at company cafeterias, or alcohol consumption. The controversy is about how muchrepparttar 132220 companies should be allowed to interfere in our private lives outsiderepparttar 132221 work environment. Should they be allowed to dictaterepparttar 132222 terms of our lifestyles? Should they be allowed to terminate our employment, if we refuse to comply with these obligations, as Weyco has done with those who have refused to takerepparttar 132223 tobacco test? Shouldrepparttar 132224 movie “Gattaca” be considered as a precursor torepparttar 132225 future?

Candas Emcioglu Istanbul, TURKEY

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