What to do When an Insurance Company Breaches its Contract

Written by Lala C. Ballatan

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It is unfortunate that an insurance agent is not obligated to advise a policyholder onrepparttar adequacy ofrepparttar 119149 limits of coverage selected byrepparttar 119150 policy holder. There are also other ways wherein insurer can do a breach of contract or violatedrepparttar 119151 covenant on good faith and fair dealing. One ofrepparttar 119152 situations wherein this act of bad faith happens is when insurance policy has provisions that are extremely in favor only withrepparttar 119153 company and when company used advertising and solicitation materials that are unfair or deceptive.

If you find out thatrepparttar 119154 insurer has committed breach of contract and/or breachedrepparttar 119155 covenant of good faith and fair dealing, you can recover all damages caused byrepparttar 119156 breach. Damages may be inrepparttar 119157 form of consequential losses, loss of use ofrepparttar 119158 insurance proceeds, general damages, attorney’s fees and punitive damages. If you’re recovering from emotional distress and you may also recover damages for emotional distress.

In filing a suit for a bad faith case, there’s a statute of limitations that vary from state to state. In order that your case won’t be barred for trial, knowrepparttar 119159 duration period ofrepparttar 119160 statute of limitations and be able to file on time. -30-

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You've got to read this book...

Written by Terry Dashner

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“President Washington implied that our institutions of learning (schools) should promoterepparttar teaching of virtue or morality. Where can that virtue be found? In God’s law,repparttar 119148 Ten Commandments!...the Establishment Clause ofrepparttar 119149 First Amendment [Article III ofrepparttar 119150 Northwest Ordinance stated that]…Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good government andrepparttar 119151 happiness of mankind, schools andrepparttar 119152 means of education shall forever be encouraged.’”

The “wall of separation” of church and state for America has become, according to Mr. Moore, a separation between God and American government, and that is not good. It was notrepparttar 119153 intent ofrepparttar 119154 founding fathers.

Then why do we scurry to removerepparttar 119155 sibilance of God’s law from federal properties? It started years ago in our Nation’s highest court—the United States Supreme Court. A group of 9 have throughrepparttar 119156 years ruled in opposition to our founding father’s original intent for this nation—one nation underrepparttar 119157 Supreme Law ofrepparttar 119158 Universe, God’s law. And who has beenrepparttar 119159 driving force since WWI to make sure that we “red state heathens” are in compliance? You guessed it. It isrepparttar 119160 ACLU.

One day soon, people of this nation that have remained silent inrepparttar 119161 face of secularism andrepparttar 119162 partisan agenda ofrepparttar 119163 ACLU will arise from their sleep and begin to counterrepparttar 119164 juggernaut ofrepparttar 119165 ACLU. When that happens, America will awaken to another historical “Great Awakening” whererepparttar 119166 knowledge of God will flow from every fabric of its sacred halls of justice and education likerepparttar 119167 waters ofrepparttar 119168 mountain tops flow torepparttar 119169 seas.

I would encourage you to read this wonderful book and throw your prayerful support behind this man of principle. As I read about his early years at West Point where he learned as an underclassman to endure intimidation, I was encouraged and inspired. He spoke eloquently aboutrepparttar 119170 ridicule, while tough atrepparttar 119171 time nevertheless, prepared him for Viet Nam and his life’s call that has become a lone stand of principle on God’s law in spite ofrepparttar 119172 intimidation and ridicule ofrepparttar 119173 high courts andrepparttar 119174 ACLU. Although Mr. Moore is a few years older than I, I too rememberrepparttar 119175 twisted-moral indifference of our troops in Viet Nam. I, too, remember and experiencedrepparttar 119176 fallout of a nation that had lost its moral compass throughrepparttar 119177 1960s and early 1970s. Those were difficult times, especially inrepparttar 119178 military. I pray that we never fall back to those days.

I pray that America will keep pressingrepparttar 119179 point and praying together forrepparttar 119180 good of this nation. America is great because she is good. If she ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great. I wish I had said those words. Someone much smarter than I who was not even an American citizen is credited with saying those words when America was young. I would add. America is only good when she honors God’s law above all things, even her Constitution law.

Keeprepparttar 119181 faith America. Stayrepparttar 119182 course, please. Jesus one day soon right allrepparttar 119183 wrongs.

Pastor T.

Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

918-451-0270 tdash0355@netzero.com (devotional list sign up)

Pastor, retired police officer, veteran of the United States Navy and father of 3 grown children.

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