What Sells Good on the Web? Information Products

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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3. Website Freebie. For example: Free download,repparttar ebook - "How to train your dog in less than ten minutes a day". In actuality, this free ebook is a sales brochure for your video tape. The answer to "How to train your dog in less than ten minutes a day" is to buy your video tape.

For Your web site, I would recommend three important features:

1. Content. Add as much content about dogs as you can. Content is what gets you listed inrepparttar 117535 search engines. The search engines are what gets traffic to your web site. Traffic is what gets sales of your video tape.

2. Pictures. Add lots of pictures of dogs. Pictures of cute dogs. Pictures of people training dogs. Funny pictures of dogs, say with graduation hats. Cartoon dogs.

3. About Page. People donít buy from unknown web sites. Put some information about yourself and your company. Especially information about how you love dogs and your dog training experience. It would also be great if you included pictures of you and your dog. Showrepparttar 117536 dog in an obedient pose.

The purpose of this article is show you how to increaserepparttar 117537 sales of your main product by offering freebies, bonus products, and order form incentives. It also provides some important features required for an effective sales web site. People are looking for all kinds of information onrepparttar 117538 web. The specific information andrepparttar 117539 medium you provide it on leaves you many choices. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 117540 Web visit: http://bucarotechelp.com To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to: bucarotechelp-subscribe@topica.com ----------------------------------------------------------


A Personal Invitation For You To Watch A 7 Minute Movie....

Written by Don Bourne

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