What Sells Good on the Web? Information Products

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Statistics show that most people come online seeking free information. However, if in their search, they come upon an interesting for sale information product, they will make a purchase. There are several reasons for this:

1.Most people use a dial-up Internet connection. Reading information online is slow and tedious and requires them to tie uprepparttar 117538 phone line. 2.Information onrepparttar 117539 Web is very fleeting. The information may move or vanish overnight. 3.Good free information is not easy to find onrepparttar 117540 Web. Information that you have to pay for is assumed to be more complete and of higher quality than any thing you can find for free.

People are looking for all kinds of information onrepparttar 117541 web, so coming up with a product idea is not difficult. For example, people need information about how to properly train their dogs. But how do you implement that idea into a web business?

One idea is to make a video tape. Take your dog, your video camera, and a helper friend or family member torepparttar 117542 park for a couple of training sessions and you’ve got yourself a product! To boost sales, create a few peripheral products:

-Bonus Product. Do a little research to create a bonus product. For example: Free with purchase of video. Ebook "Table Foods That Can Make Your Dog Sick". For example, feeding chocolate to your dog can make it sick. It is not uncommon for a person to purchase a product when they are more interested inrepparttar 117543 bonus item than they are inrepparttar 117544 main product.

2. Order Form Incentive. The biggest problem with e-commerce is people abandoningrepparttar 117545 order form. One method to pushrepparttar 117546 customer through to makingrepparttar 117547 purchase is to include a time -limited additional unexpected bonus onrepparttar 117548 order form. For example: "Order today and receive these healthy doggy treats at no additional charge." To makerepparttar 117549 one day time limit legitimate, just use a different doggy treat each day.

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