Top 7 Reasons to Review your Web Traffic Analysis

Written by David Bell

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This tells you which search engines are sending you traffic, and which of your advertising and linking strategies are working. It also tells you about sites that may have links to you that you didn't know about -- check these out -- it's a great relationship builder to send a thank you -- you might even get some new business from it!

7. Top Search Keywords and Phrases

Oncerepparttar search engines have listed your site, these tell you whatrepparttar 105924 really hot search terms are for your business. Pay attention to these -- they may have some surprises -- one of my clients recently wrote a book on a subject that was really sought after on her site -- until she sawrepparttar 105925 top keywords, she had no idea it was so popular! I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

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Is anyone visiting my web site?

Written by Fernando Maciá

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A large number of referrals will come from other pages within your own web site, whilerepparttar rest ofrepparttar 105923 referrals will typically be from external web sites or search engines. In occasions, you will also find visits from web based e-mail services or directly from a visitor’s Internet browser, indicating that your site is probably stored as a favorite, orrepparttar 105924 URL has been directly typed onrepparttar 105925 browser’s navigation bar.

It is important to regularly track those web sites that act as referrers to our web site, or those search engines that most frequently locate our web site with a given set of keywords. A final word of caution: be careful not to click directly onrepparttar 105926 links included inrepparttar 105927 report belonging torepparttar 105928 referral web sites. If you do,repparttar 105929 statistics report page may appear as a referral to their web site, and depending onrepparttar 105930 security of your server, your statistics report page could be accessed byrepparttar 105931 owners ofrepparttar 105932 referral web site. Search keywords Search keywords are those words or phrases that Internet users provide to a search engine in order to find new web sites. Phrases are typically more valuable than isolated words, but both can be used to identifyrepparttar 105933 interests of your audience. In some cases, you may be surprised to learn some ofrepparttar 105934 keywords that were used to locate your web site as well as those terms that were never used. It will be interesting to observerepparttar 105935 evolution of a particular term over time. For example, if your web site promotes real estate, you may detect changes in customer preferences for certain areas based onrepparttar 105936 number of search keywords associated with specific locations. If a location rarely shows up as a search keyword, it may be a good indication that your customers are not interested in real estate there. Likewise, terms such as buying or selling will suggestrepparttar 105937 type of transaction that your clients are looking for.

Internet browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions…

Finally, it may be helpful to check onrepparttar 105938 type and version of Internet browser being used by your audience, as well asrepparttar 105939 type of operating system and screen resolution. These are mainly technical aspects, but may prove very useful for redesigning or optimizing your website. For example, a web site can be optimized for a specific Internet browser or a particular screen size. At times, one will notice that different markets will favor certain computer configurations. Conclusion Web statistics provide such large amounts of data regardingrepparttar 105940 activities taking place inside a web server that processing all of it may become an overwhelming task. However, once you become accustomed to locating inside your own web analysis tool or service allrepparttar 105941 values described in this article, you will be in a position to properly evaluaterepparttar 105942 information that is being conveyed, as well as observe its evolution over time. This will allow you to take action and makerepparttar 105943 appropriate marketing decisions that will maximizerepparttar 105944 performance of your web site. Soon, you will identify your most important metrics, what you want to measure with them andrepparttar 105945 reason why.

Most professional web hosting service providers include some type of web traffic control system for their customers. If your provider does not offer this capability, you will be able to find equivalent services from other Internet-based companies that provide web traffic statistics. After you start receiving your traffic reports, allocate in your weekly schedule adequate time to evaluaterepparttar 105946 information. You will discover soon that this invested effort will start paying dividends!

Fernando Macia is Human Level Commuications' CEO, a company with offices in Alicante, Spain and Dallas, Texas. We specialize in web design, CMS development, search engine optimization and traffic statistics data mining.

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