Top 7 Reasons to Review your Web Traffic Analysis

Written by David Bell

Understanding your Website's traffic logs is a crucial component of your online marketing mix. It tells you what your visitors do, of their own volition, so it's "market research that cannot lie!" If you understand what you're seeing, you can make some great strategic and marketing decisions, not only for your Website, but for your business as a whole. Here are seven key marketing elements to study in your traffic analysis: 1. General Statistics Remember that a "hit" is recorded every timerepparttar visitor gets an image or some text from your site -- what you need to know is unique user sessions, and how much time people spend onrepparttar 105924 site -- how "sticky" and engaging it is. If you have tons of traffic, butrepparttar 105925 average time spent on your site is less than a minute -- you've got a problem! 2. Most and Least Requested Pages So what's really hot, and what's not on your site? The most popular pages give you great clues as to what to offer more of. The least viewed pages may tell you that some of your content isn't as fascinating as you think, or this maybe a heads-up that your navigation isn't driving traffic as effectively as it should. 3. Top Entry and Exit Pages These are great reminders that not all your visitors come through your home page, so you need complete navigation on every entry point to your site. And if people are leaving from pages that you don't want them to, perhaps you need stronger calls to action in those areas. 4. Single Access Pages These arerepparttar 105926 pages where a visitor looks atrepparttar 105927 site then leaves immediately. Sincerepparttar 105928 job of your home page is partly to filterrepparttar 105929 traffic that's not right for you, there'll always be some of these. But if you have a splash page, and significant numbers of visitors don't stay through it... perhaps it shouldn't be there? 5. Cities, States and Countries No, your site isn't a huge hit just in Virginia -- those are allrepparttar 105930 AOL users! Unfortunately, because this information depends on whererepparttar 105931 ISP is based, it can be pretty misleading. But if you are getting a lot of hits from other countries, that might be a hint for some second language content. 6. Referring URL's

Is anyone visiting my web site?

Written by Fernando Maciá

Is your web site performing as you expected? Do you know who visits your site and how often? What isrepparttar nature of their visits? Where do your visitors come from? What other web sites or search engines are referring visitors to your site? What web pages interest your visitorsrepparttar 105923 most and which ones attract less attention? As a teaching consultant of On-line Marketing courses, I frequently formulate similar questions to audiences that generally include sales directors and marketing executives from medium and large size companies. My listeners are always amazed when they realize that even though their companies are investing large sums of money to conduct market studies or purchase marketing results (e.g. Nielsen) to learn about their client’s preferences, they are not taking advantage of analyzing and interpretingrepparttar 105924 data from their own web traffic statistics. The differences betweenrepparttar 105925 two primary sets of web traffic statistics –server activity analysis and real-time statistics via script controls and cookies- have already been covered in a former write-up (see “What is behind all those web traffic reports”, 9/2/03). This article will now focus on those pieces of information, contained in a web traffic report, that are of most interest from a Marketing perspective. After learning where to look and how to interpretrepparttar 105926 data, one will feel more encouraged to embark inrepparttar 105927 apparently arduous task of interpreting web traffic statistics. Our prize atrepparttar 105928 end will be a significant increase in web site performance, greater traffic, better search engine positioning and a deeper understanding ofrepparttar 105929 expectations and interests of our web visitors. All this combined can translate into additional sales, more registered users and a larger amount of frequent users. Let’s explore what we need to consider first. Web Traffic Hits, visited pages, number of sessions… Rather than being overly concerned withrepparttar 105930 absolute values of these statistics that, incidentally, may vary dramatically based onrepparttar 105931 type of software being used to measurerepparttar 105932 web traffic, we should pay attention torepparttar 105933 evolution of these values over time while maintainingrepparttar 105934 measuring softwarerepparttar 105935 same. One can click on a weekly or, better yet, monthly view report andrepparttar 105936 graph will quickly show whether our traffic is increasing or decreasing, and a simple mathematical computation (perhapsrepparttar 105937 tool automatically provides it) of dividingrepparttar 105938 number of visited pages byrepparttar 105939 total number of visitors will tell us how many pages a visitor views on average. Whether our traffic increases, decreases, or remains stable, it will be interesting and valuable to see when a particular trend changes and analyze ifrepparttar 105940 change is caused by a previously planned action, such asrepparttar 105941 launch of an on-line publicity campaign,repparttar 105942 agreement to exchange web links with other sites, orrepparttar 105943 start of search engine positioning services. Visitors In this section, it is important to distinguish between unique visitors and repeating visitors. If one of your goals is to sell a service or product on-line, a high degree of repetition from your visitors will likely indicate a high level of customer commitment to your service or product. However, one must exercise caution when evaluatingrepparttar 105944 number of unique versus repeating visitors. If your tool, for instance, usesrepparttar 105945 visitor’s IP address to determine whetherrepparttar 105946 visitor is unique or not,repparttar 105947 tool will at times count multiple visits fromrepparttar 105948 same user as unique. This can happen when a visitor uses a dial-up modem to accessrepparttar 105949 Internet, since each call will likely get a different IP address assigned. Conversely, if a group of users is accessingrepparttar 105950 Internet behind a router or proxy, they will all sharerepparttar 105951 same IP address andrepparttar 105952 tool will count them as a single repeating visitor. If cookies, onrepparttar 105953 other hand, are used to determinerepparttar 105954 uniqueness of a visitor,repparttar 105955 data collected will be much more reliable.

Other useful information typically associated with visitors is their country of origin and their language, which may prove useful when considering international opportunities orrepparttar 105956 value of creating a version of your web site in another language.

Visited Pages Determine which pages are visitedrepparttar 105957 most besides your default page, which tends to registerrepparttar 105958 largest number of visits since it isrepparttar 105959 typical point of entry to your web site. Identify those areas of most interest to your visitors. By analyzingrepparttar 105960 most common navigational routes, discover how far your visitors click. Ifrepparttar 105961 report, for example, reflects a large number of visits to your home page and classifies them as unique page visits, it could mean one of two things. Your site is experiencing low quality traffic, with visitors not interested in your products or services and therefore not going beyond your home page, or you may want to consider redesigningrepparttar 105962 home page, since apparently is not generating enough interest among your visitors and thus, they are not navigating deeper into your web site.

The report will also identifyrepparttar 105963 most common exit point out of a visitor’s session. Once this exit page has been identified, its design can be reinforced to include new points of interest with links to other sections of your web site. Sessions and visit duration This value tries to measurerepparttar 105964 amount of time that a given user spends navigating a web site. One must be careful, though, when considering this piece of information, since a visitor could inadvertently leave a window, and therefore a session, open and minimized. This would be measured as an active session, even thoughrepparttar 105965 user was not actively navigating throughrepparttar 105966 web site. In any case, a large number of very short visits could indicate an erroneous positioning of a web site. In other words,repparttar 105967 web site is attracting visitors who cannot find what they were expecting. Referrals and search engines One ofrepparttar 105968 most valuable pieces of information that can be obtained from a web traffic statistical report isrepparttar 105969 origin ofrepparttar 105970 visits. In other words, it is extremely helpful to knowrepparttar 105971 web site that visitors were navigating prior to reaching ours. We will be able to distinguish between users who clicked on a link at another web site in order to reach ours from visitors who clicked on one ofrepparttar 105972 search results returned by a search engine. In this latter case,repparttar 105973 report will also identifyrepparttar 105974 keywords that were used to launchrepparttar 105975 query.

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