The Most Underused and Powerful Method of Lead Generation

Written by Jim Klein

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If you takerepparttar time to create a WOW experience for your clients, it’s very possible every one of them will be selling for you.

One ofrepparttar 150964 easiest ways to get referrals is too continually over deliver. If you give much more than you promised, people will want to help you in any way they can.

Over delivering should berepparttar 150965 way you do business. The referrals, thank you notes and new friends you make arerepparttar 150966 bonuses you receive for doing your job.

Make a genuine difference in people’s lives and you’ll always get lots of referrals.

Make it Easy, Fun and Enjoyable to Refer People to You

People don’t like doing difficult things unless there’s an incredibly rewarding benefit in doing so. Even then many people still won’t do something that appears too difficult.

Many salespeople’s clients are unsure about who to refer. Which means they have to do allrepparttar 150967 work by figuring out who to refer? So they may end up referring no one.

Make sure your clients know exactly who to refer. Otherwise you’re not going to get a high quantity or quality of referrals.

The third step of this lead generation system is give each client a good idea of who they could refer.

For example, The Realtor you recently purchased your home from could say to you…

“Do you know anyone who recently had a baby, got married or received a promotion and might be thinking about buying or selling a house?

If you do, I’m sure they could benefit from my services. After all you know how good my service is. So, please introduce them to us. If you do I’ll be sure to do something wonderful to thank you.”

You can see how this helps you know “exactly” whorepparttar 150968 Realtor is looking for.

So make sure you show a genuine interest in your clients, their families and friends. Make it your business that they receiverepparttar 150969 best products and services available, YOURS! Create a WOW experience for every client you do business with. Make over delivering your way of doing business. And make it easy for people to refer new clients your way by telling them who to refer.

Followrepparttar 150970 three steps of this lead generation system and you’re on your way to creating an abundance of new target clients and becoming a Master of Referrals.

Jim Klein is the owner of From The Heart Sales Training . He helps sales professionals attract new clients, close more sales and generate an abundance of referrals so they can increase their income and enjoy life more.

Small Business Sales: The Practicalities

Written by Ben Botes

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Focus on customers' needs. Listen to your customer.

Why should anybody buy your product or service? What isrepparttar benefit or improvement in their condition? Whose life will be enriched? Who will getrepparttar 150902 greatest improvement from your product or service? With which customers does your competitive advantage make a difference? With which customers does your competitive advantage makerepparttar 150903 biggest difference?

Customers want to be more, have more, do more. People buy for ego needs, status needs, self-actualization needs, etc. People buy for safety, security, admiration, social status, recognition, prestige, respect, to increase sales, lower costs, increase profits, self-improvement, excitement, popularity, greater health, self-expression, influence, power, financial success, more knowledge, greater skills, companionship, self-esteem, fear of loss, desire for gain.

Step 3 Consider our tips

Get pastrepparttar 150904 receptionist and on torepparttar 150905 decision-maker. Be cheerful and polite, have – and show – a good knowledge ofrepparttar 150906 target company. Explain that what you offer will need to be assessed by an appropriate manager. Where possible make appointments. Different businesses will have different ‘best times’ to see them. You’ll struggle to catch a builder or farmer whenrepparttar 150907 weather is good and remember that most people still adoptrepparttar 150908 traditional lunchtime. When arranging appointments always offer a choice. Asking ‘Which is better for you?’ makes them choose, and is better than an open-ended ‘When would be good for you?’ which can elicit a negative response. I f you’re selling a product that needs demonstrating, make absolutely certain that it’s working perfectly before you leave forrepparttar 150909 appointment. Know exactly what you want, but try to think, talk and respond formrepparttar 150910 buyer’s point of view. Sellrepparttar 150911 benefits and notrepparttar 150912 features of your products or service. Remember thatrepparttar 150913 likes of Kodak don’t sell films, they sell memories. Try to ask, early on inrepparttar 150914 conversation, questions which cannot be answered with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses. Open questions lead to improved discussions, and if you’re listening closely torepparttar 150915 answers you should be able to work out any problemsrepparttar 150916 buyer may have. You need to know these if you are going to sell solutions. Take objections seriously, but try to turn them to your advantage. Think creatively about how you can offer to overcome objections and make sure you fully understand each objection before addressing it. Recognize buying signals – questions like ‘Will it take unleaded?’ and ‘What guarantees do you give?’ W hen you begin to hear these closerepparttar 150917 sale quickly. Never forget to go forrepparttar 150918 close and don’t be embarrassed about asking forrepparttar 150919 order – that is what you’re there for, after all.

Step 4 Follow up

The sale is justrepparttar 150920 beginning. Following uprepparttar 150921 deal will strengthenrepparttar 150922 relationship with your new customer, and could provide opportunities for additional sales. And finally don’t forget that continually evaluating your sales process is vital if you’re hoping to refine and improve it – few things are ever perfect.

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