The Most Underused and Powerful Method of Lead Generation

Written by Jim Klein

Developing an abundant supply of targeted referrals isrepparttar number one lead generation system used by top sales people.

The first step to implementing any successful lead generation system is to get your attitude right. Becoming a “Master of Referrals” requiresrepparttar 150964 proper referral attitude.

Many sales people believe that by asking for referrals they’re putting people onrepparttar 150965 spot or being pushy. “I’ll wait and if they want to refer someone to me they will”. If this is your attitude you need to change it.

Do you care aboutrepparttar 150966 people you do business with? Does that caring come “fromrepparttar 150967 heart” instead of from your pocket? Do you care aboutrepparttar 150968 products or services your client’s friends are buying? Do you believe your product or service isrepparttar 150969 best?

I figure your answer is yes!

If you truly believe your product or service isrepparttar 150970 best money can buy and you care about your clients and their friends, you’re doing them a disservice when you don’t implement this lead generation system of asking for referrals. If you don’t they may end up with one of your competitors who offers less benefit, protection and advantage as you do.

Your job is to make sure everyone in your client’s network is looked after byrepparttar 150971 best. So make sure that’s you!

You see, your clients are probably too busy to continually think about helping people in their network. By using a lead generation system of asking for referrals you’re giving them an easy way to help their friends. You’re making sure they getrepparttar 150972 same top quality products and services.

You’ve Got to Create a WOW Experience

Most sales people only try to satisfy their clients. Statistics show that two out of three consumers that were merely satisfied with a company will never return. If you only meetrepparttar 150973 client’s expectations, you’ll never see two thirds of them again and you won’t receive an abundance of referrals.

So how do you get a client to come back to you again and again? How do you get your current and past clients to give you a personal endorsement to their friends and relatives?

By implementingrepparttar 150974 second step of this lead generation system and creating a WOW experience! Make every clients experience special!

How many of your friends, family and business associates would you refer to a company that…

•Takes care of your needs better than you ever expected •Delivers more than they promise •Makes you feel special every time you communicate with them •Delivers amazing results for you

Small Business Sales: The Practicalities

Written by Ben Botes

By Ben Botes: You don’t have to be a born salesman to get orders. You don’t even have to enjoy selling. You just have to be clear about what you want and what you have to offer.

Remember that effective selling is essential torepparttar success of your business. So whether you will be makingrepparttar 150902 sales or have a team to do that, you should do everything you can to ensure that your sales are done inrepparttar 150903 best way possible.

Selling is one ofrepparttar 150904 most important aspects of any business.

I suggest that if you at this point have not yet worked throughrepparttar 150905 Micro Module on Finding Clients and Knowing Your Clients, that you do that now.

As you go throughrepparttar 150906 following nine skills, think ofrepparttar 150907 practical issues of your specific service, how can you implement these steps, what else could you do? In order for this module to be effective you have to work through it and not just read it. Use this as your opportunity to become a great presenter.

Step 1 Know your product, its benefit and competitive advantage

Your product may seems to be a haircut, but it's probably admiration. It looks like a motorcar, but it's probably status. It might be called a bungee jump, but it's probably excitement. If you're selling to other companies,repparttar 150908 benefit is probably increased sales, lower costs or higher profits.

Why does your customer buyrepparttar 150909 product or service? What benefit do you sell? In which way is your product different fromrepparttar 150910 competition? Do you have a unique selling proposition? What is it? What is your competitive advantage? Why should anybody buyrepparttar 150911 product or service from you? Is your product perceived byrepparttar 150912 customer as being better in some way? Is it cheaper/faster? Doesrepparttar 150913 customer buy because you are an extremely pleasant person? Who is your competition? Why do some customers buy fromrepparttar 150914 competition? What isrepparttar 150915 competitive advantage of your competitor? In which areas are your competitors superior? In which ways are they inferior? How can you creatively imitate your competitor? What is "unique" aboutrepparttar 150916 product? Does it provide better durability, not like another in nature, quality or form? Is it unique by its appearance and/or design? Does its appearance convey desirable qualities? How doesrepparttar 150917 product compare withrepparttar 150918 competition? Canrepparttar 150919 product be recognizable and prove useful and be price competitive? Service - will it require less servicing or less costly servicing than existing products?

Step 2 Identify your customers It is only logical that in order to find your clients, you need to know who they are.

Who or what do you plan to sell your product to? How do customers perceive themselves? How do you plan to acquire customers? What distribution methods will you need? What features do your customers want? What are they prepared to pay? What form of advertising and promotion will be effective to produce sales and sellrepparttar 150920 product? What will promotion and advertising cost? Where is your target customer most likely to buy your product? How important is price to a customer? How important are product or service quality and convenience to your customer?

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